Rory Molleda
Director, Team Administration
Isaac Langley
Director, Team Operations
Sean Howe
Director, Scouting
Zachary Cogen
Director of Rehabilitation
Mateus Manoel
Head of Performance
Victor Lonchuk
First Team Performance Director
Reade Whitney
Head Athletic Trainer
Ryan Morrison
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Agustina De Giovanni
Director, Mental Performance & Culture
Sam Marich
Head of Performance Analysis
Luis Guevara
Performance Analyst
Matthew Kapczynski
Equipment Manager
Paul Schneider
Assistant Equipment Manager
Dr. Christopher Annunziata
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Michael Antonis
Venue Medical Director
Dr. Andrew Parker
Team Orthopedic
Dr. David Novak
Team Orthopedic
Dr. Emilio Canal, Jr., FASD
Team Dentist
Dr. Keith Smithson
Team Optometrist
Dr. Justin Mullner
Primary Care Physician
Dr. Meagan Sady
Team Neuropsychologist
Dr. Hirad Najafbagy
Team Chiropractor
Dr. Kara Ziemer
Team Chiropractor
Dr. Kara Ziemer
Team Acupuncturist
Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Team Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons