Front Office



  • Samuel Porter
    Director, Business & Legal Affairs
  • Carlos Saavedra
    Director, Information Technology
  • Mark Donovan
  • Justin Marcarelli
    Staff Accountant
  • Candace Griffith
    Manager, Human Resources


  • Kevin Donovan
    Director of Operations
  • Kate Jersey
    Guest Services Manager
  • Ryan Del Vecchio
    Event Operations Manager
  • Alison Dommel
    Operations Coordinator

Ticket Operations

  • Andrew Ciandella
    Director, Ticket Operations
  • Dylan Conway
    Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations

Digital Media, Communications, Public Relations & Broadcast:

  • Lindsay Simpson 
    Director of Media & Communications
  • Drew Rauso 
    Content Strategist
  • Kayla Wilkinson 
    Digital Content Producer
  • Lee Burrows 
    Sr. Video Producer
  • Sam Perrie 
    Video Producer
  • Samuel Legg
    Communications Associate

Corporate Partnerships:

  • Rob Hur
    Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Luke Mohamed 
    Director, Corporate Partnerships  
  • Paige Mosberg
    Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Jonah Stewart
    Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Maureen (Dowling) Galkin 
    Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Morgan Rubin
    Account Executive, Partnership Marketing
  • Alexander Carter
    Account Executive, Partnership Marketing


  • Scott Lewis 
    Vice President, Marketing  
  • Kelly Brinkman
    Director, Business Analytics & CRM
  • Hannah Penman
    Manager, Consumer Marketing
  • Zakk Waleko  
    Graphic Designer

Community Relations:

  • Victor Melara 
    Director, Community Relations  
  • Amanda Ortega
    Community Relations Coordinator


  • Nathan Fry
    Director, Merchandising

Ticket Sales & Service:

  • Roy Tewell 
    Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
  • James Clark
    Manager, Season & Premium Sales
  • Colin Dilworth
    Account Executive, Season & Premium Sales
  • James Armold
    Manager, Group Ticket Sales
  • Dan Giffin 
    Sr. Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Jake Lucas
    Senior Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Malcolm Johnson
    Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Stephanie Smith
    Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Aaron McCollum
    Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Adam Fremd
    Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
  • Anthony Rios
    Manager, Membership Services
  • Jesse Bell
    Senior Account Specialist, Membership Services
  • Christopher Lowe
    Account Specialist, Membership Services
  • Garren LaPosta
    Account Specialist, Membership Services
  • Jacob Mitchell
    Account Executive, Membership Sales