Q&A with Griffin Yow

Yow Griffin_TrainingatUPC_03.09.2022-1

You signed as a Homegrown in 2019. How do you think you have evolved as a player in the past four years?

“I think most of all, my skill level has evolved a lot and I've kind of adapted to the MLS level, but my confidence has also increased a lot over the last four years since I signed. That's probably the biggest thing. My ability to step on the field grows and feels the same way I did when stepping on the Academy field or at home playing pick up. It's just that comfortable and that confidence that I'm effective and that I can do everything at the same level as everyone else, if not more.”

What did it mean to sign a Homegrown deal with your boyhood club back in 2019?

“Oh, it was incredible. That was a huge highlight of my life. Especially being 16 and it being my hometown team. It was awesome."

Even though you've been with the team for a couple of years now, how is it being one of the youngest players on the team?

“It still feels really good. It’s an honor, especially being able to compete and play with a lot of the older guys. Still, being this young, it feels good to have four years of experience. It makes me feel like I'm in a good spot to have a big year.”

You've had a great start to the season, starting in both matches for D.C. United. How does that feel?

“It feels incredible. I mean, I love to play. It's my favorite thing to be doing. I kind of just touched on it a little bit but it feels like I'm in a great spot and if there was a time for me to be getting these minutes, now is that time and I'm ready.”

How has the atmosphere been with the team after winning both matches?

“I mean, it's been awesome. In the locker room—I'm sure you can see some of the videos of Steve [Birnbaum] and the guys—especially the last one. It wasn't the prettiest win, but they all count the same, and we're having the best start to a season since 1999, so that's pretty huge. We're not satisfied and we want more. I’m definitely proud and we’re building off of it."

How are you and the team preparing to face Chicago Fire on Saturday?

“We as a team are ready. We have been doing film all week. We've, obviously, been studying some of their [Chicago’s] key guys. I mean, they've got Shaqiri coming in, so it's watching some clips of him and just preparing as best as we can.” Is there something you worked on during the offseason that has helped have such a successful start to the season?

“I think the program that the coaches, Hernán and Nico, have implemented. What they implemented for the offseason and the things we're doing off the field are huge. That continued into the offseason, and we just had an awesome offseason program. We were getting better pretty much the entire time, building up to the preseason, and we had a great preseason. It definitely helped me.”

What can we expect to continue seeing from Griffin Yow this season?

“You can expect to see goals and assists. That's what you will see, actions on goal. That's what you're going to expect. I’m itching for one [goal].”