D.C. United today announced and unveiled their new adidas exclusive away jersey for the upcoming 2021 MLS Season. The D.C. United 2021 Marble Jersey is now available for purchase at

The marble pattern is representative of the iconic national monuments found in Washington, D.C. Marble is renowned for its strength and resilience; attributes that are constantly personified by the residents of the nation’s capital. Marble is also known for its individuality and diversity - no slab of marble is the same - and that is what makes it beautiful.

The jersey will also feature a Red, White, and Blue color scheme, rather than the familiar black and red. As the nation’s capital, the city is often viewed as a representation of the United States. Following a year defined by hardship, the importance of staying United is even more important and D.C. United are honored to represent the city and the American people symbolically through their colors each time the club steps onto the field. 

D.C. United Unveil the New Exclusive adidas Marble Jersey Ahead of 2021 Season -

The jersey release video demonstrates the incredible diversity in the District, while also celebrating and highlighting individuals who have gone above and beyond to provide joy, food, security, art, and much more for their neighbors in the city. A true tribute to the club’s “Unite the District” mission.

  • Donovan Pines: D.C. United Homegrown center back and Maryland native. 
  • Virginia Ali: Co-founder and owner of the iconic local restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl; a staple of Washington, DC since 1958.
  • Rahul Dubey: Washington, DC local who sheltered BLM protestors in his home in June. One of TIME Magazine's Heroes of 2020.
  • Jessica Amaya: DC native and graduate of the DC SCORES program; the D.C. United affiliate charity aimed at teaching soccer and poetry to underserved households.

For detailed information behind kit components and the creative process, see below:

Marble Pattern

D.C. United will wear a piece of the city each time they step onto the field in 2021. The nation’s capital is renowned globally for its iconic white marbled monuments found in its truest form on the National Mall. The marble used to build the monuments, which stand tall over the city, symbolize the strength and stability of the rock and the people. 

D.C. United Unveil the New Exclusive adidas Marble Jersey Ahead of 2021 Season -

Red, White, and Blue Color Scheme

The new red, white, and blue color scheme found in the Marble Jersey pays tribute to the national significance of Washington, D.C., an embodiment of the American people. A city, like the nation it represents, is rich in culture and the promise of opportunity. 

Supporters will also look back fondly to 1998 when United last had a Red-White-and-Blue color scheme with the iconic jersey dubbed “the Cat in the Hat” kit. 

D.C. United Unveil the New Exclusive adidas Marble Jersey Ahead of 2021 Season -

Updated Unite the District Shirt Tag 

The Marble Jersey will feature a new and updated “Unite the District” shirt tag. The phrase has become a focal point for the club as the Black-and-Red continue to use soccer as a method to bring people together. 

D.C. United are proud to be a club that wholeheartedly believe in inclusivity and the concept that “All are welcome. All are United.”

D.C. United Unveil the New Exclusive adidas Marble Jersey Ahead of 2021 Season -


Since 2014, D.C. United have been proud to have the Leidos name emblazoned on the front of the jersey. The partnership will be another key feature on the shirt in 2021.