Thank you for your interest in the D.C. United Academy. We are always looking for young talented players who have the passion, ability and desire to pursue a pathway that may lead to a career in professional soccer with D.C. United.

Currently, we are in the process of building a U15 team for the upcoming 2021-22 season. Accordingly, we are focusing our player recruitment efforts within the DMV for players born in the years of 2007 & 2008.


Our Academy utilizes both coaches and scouts to identify prospective players. Individuals identified through scouting will be offered an opportunity to participate in a scheduled player trial or included within the appropriate age group team training.

Strict policies govern the scouting process and the manner in which scouts or members of our Academy Technical Staff conduct themselves. Direct contact with players is not permitted during the course of the season and on-field contact between a scout and player is prohibited. Academy scouts are required to report any player identified to the D.C. United Academy Technical Director and the Chief Scout.


Players interested in being considered for our Academy and who would like to coordinate one of our academy scout's attendance at your next match, please submit the Player Questionnaire. Upon review of your questionnaire, we will contact you and your family to discuss the potential options for evaluation, see below. Please note, all players may not receive a response due to a high volume of interest in the D.C. United Academy.

  • Scout player in match
  • Extended trial with DCU academy team
  • Participate in Talent ID Sessions / tryouts

For any inquires or further information regarding potential trial / player ID opportunities within the D.C. United academy please contact: