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#UniteTheDistrict Limited Edition T-Shirt Supporting First Responders

Every day our city’s healthcare professionals put our needs and well-being ahead of their own.

Their bravery and commitment to support us when we’re unable to support ourselves deserves endless gratitude, especially during this heightened time of need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, it’s our turn to support them.

D.C. United, Ben’s Chili Bowl, and Bailiwick Clothing Company have teamed-up to create a limited edition, #UniteTheDistrict t-shirt, with all proceeds going directly to feeding healthcare professionals through the Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation.

D.C. United club mantra, #UniteTheDistrict, is more applicable now than ever. Togetherness is essential in tough times and while we can’t physically be with one another, it doesn’t mean we can’t be United.

About the #UniteTheDistrict T-Shirt.

The #UniteTheDistrict t-shirt created with Bailiwick Clothing Company are heather black, soft-blended materials available in both unisex and female styles.

The prominent black and red design represents the colors of the club, while the four stars above “The District” are a subtle nod to the four MLS Cups won by D.C. United, one of the most decorate clubs in league history.

How to Purchase.

To purchase your #UniteTheDistrict t-shirt with all proceeds benefitting healthcare professionals in D.C. through the Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation you can visit: