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Post-Match Quotes | #DCvPHI 2019 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

Head Coach Ben Olsen
On the game...
“We showed some moxie to come back. You never want to go to extra time then penalty kicks but I’m happy for the reserves. I thought they did really well. Overall it was a pretty even night and could have gone either way. It was back and forth in the end but I’m glad we could reward the fans that stuck around in the rain for 120 minutes.”
Wayne Rooney
Overall thoughts on win...
"Yeah, I think it was quite a team, it was a good game. We had a few half decent chances and showed good character at the end to come back and get the win. Overall a cup game, the most important thing is to get yourself through to the next round, so that’s what we did tonight." 
On playing the next match...
"I hope so. Yeah definitely, there’s a chance for us to win a trophy so I obviously want to play whether it’s for USL team or an MLS team it’s important we keep a good feel about the pace and we try to win the game and go even further in the competition."

Philadelphia Head Coach Jim Curtin
“The reality is that we had 24 shots on the road, and we came away with only one goal late in the game. At that point we should be able to see the game out, obviously we have a lot of young players on the field that I think will learn and we will be better because of it, but it hurts right now because you get that late in the game you should be able to hold it out - or at worst case force penalties. Again, I think a good learning experience for a lot of players, and overall a tough way to go out. The focus is solely on the league,and I give this shorthanded group a lot of credit for the effort they put in tonight. We didn’t have a striker tonight, so we were a little slim going into it. I give the guys a lot of credit for the work they put into it, Anthony brought us some energy with his play up top and getting the goal. But unfortunately there is a cruel narrative and the narratives change very quickly in this sport, you can go from being the hero to Wayne taking it away from you. That is not the way we are built to play, and that is why the game opened up like it did. Obviously nobody wants to go a full 120 minutes, but again credit to our guys for dealing with it. It is difficult since we are thin, but it is your typical Open Cup where different guys step up in different ways and I think our guys will take a lot from this.”
Midfielder Anthony Fontana
“Let me just start this off by saying when you are zero zero you just wait for something to happen, and I told myself when I come off the bench I am going to make an impact. Off topic also but today is my dad’s birthday and I told him I was going to get a goal for him so it was nice to do that, but I am frustrated with the result and the way it ended up but I am happy with the fight from the guys and I was happy with the way I could contribute.”
“Coming in off the bench it can always be tough. Obviously day in day out I am working hard to improve and coming in as a striker, obviously not my normal position, you know I thought I did well. I was in the right place at the right time and I just took a good first touch and slid it home. Last I played striker was like nine, and i was a pretty good striker in my day you know, but I think I am a better midfielder in my opinion, but obviously the game, that was asked of me, so I did it.”
“Playing 120 minutes especially when you’re young doesn’t come very often, but mentally, just playing in that game, it will help us in the future.”