Happy Mother's Day

From soccer moms to supportive wives, D.C. United knows how important a support system can be. Today, we'd like to send a thank you to all the moms out there who help us achieve our goals!

MLS wants you to help them create a #soccerMOMtage, and you could win!

Here’s how:

  • Sons/daughters/partners, pick a soccer-related photo/video with your favorite mom. Moms, pick your favorite soccer-related picture/video with your kid(s). Could be a throwback AYSO snap, a current one at an MLS game, etc. All up to you!
  • Share it via Twitter, Instagram or Vine using #SoccerMOMtage and be a part of our Mother’s Day montage (Get it? We’re here all day).
  • The randomly selected pair will each receive a 2014 MLS jersey of their choice.