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Thoughts I'm Thinking

With Luis Silva out with an injury this match, Davy Arnaud paired up with Perry Kitchen in the middle of the park. This pushed Perry a bit higher.

Here are Ben Olsen’s thoughts on the duo’s performance.

“I thought Davy and Perry early on in the game were too flat, and that’s why New England had a lot of possession. As Davy and Perry got out to pressure them in the central midfield, I thought the game changed. I thought they both had very good games. They are both warriors, and Davy was a stud tonight. I’m happy for him. He seems comfortable in that central position, which is nice.”

Perry is fit and can get box-to-box all game. Davy is, as Ben said, “a warrior,” and he was definitely “a stud” last night. He did well sitting behind Perry, and the two did well balancing each other; when one went forward, the other sat back more.

So, I began to wonder if Perry changed his game at all being pushed higher up the field. We all know he is one of the most poised players on the field and rarely loses the ball. Well, this didn’t change, but his targets did.

Let’s recap the Perry’s performances thus far:

March 8 vs. the Crew:
Perry had 14.2% of United’s passing, the most on the team.
He found Cristian Fernandez’s feet the most, with nine passes. Jeff Parke and Eddie Johnson were second with seven.

March 22 vs. Toronto
Perry had 14.7% of the team’s passes, again, leading the Black-and-Red.
With nine passes to each, the midfielder connected with Jeff Parke and Sean Franklin the most.

March 29 vs. Chicago
Perry  completed 14.5% of the team’s passes, you guessed it,the most completed passes for DCU.
Again, he found Franklin and Parke the most, with 9 and 8 completed passes, respectively.

April 5 vs. New England
Perry's passing accounted for 12.6% of the team’s. Yes this is a little lower, but it is still the team high (tied with Jeff Parke who also had a fantastic game).
Here is the difference. Perry completed passes to Eddie Johnson and Fabián Espíndola the most this match. Kitchen found Johnson eight times and Espíndola seven.

Anyway, food for logical thought: When Perry Kitchen is higher up the field, he finds our forwards more. This may seem really obvious, because it is. But it also may have been a game-changer.

There wasn’t too much of a change in the numbers of passes received by Eddie and Fabi, but maybe it was Perry’s passing. Or maybe we were finally clicking last night. All I know is I like him there. And, he and Davy played well together. And, I want Luis Silva to get healthy, because he was really starting to shine. And, I like when Ben has tough decisions to make regarding whom to play, which he does, and will continue to have once everyone gets healthy. 

Another point to note: When Davy is in the middle of the field, he is on the ball more. On March 8 against the Crew, he had 6.5% of all passing. The next match against Toronto FC, he was subbed out in the 66th minute, and accounted for only 2.5% of our possession. Davy was subbed on in the 52nd minute on March 29th against the Fire, but generated 3.5% of our passes. Against the Revs, though, Davy and Perry controlled the game. The veteran midfielder accounted for 11.2% of our passing.