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Q&A: Davy Arnaud

Are you excited?
Davy ArnaudI’m very excited. D.C. has a lot of tradition. It’s one of the big name clubs in MLS, and I’m looking forward to getting to represent them.

You have been consistent throughout your whole career, leading teams in the midfield. What do you think you can bring to DCU?
DA: I think I can bring what I’ve been bringing my whole career. I bring a good attitude and a good work rate every single day to training and to every single game. I feel like I’ve always been a player that the team can rely on. I want to continue to be that and help provide some good leadership because I've been around a long time. I’m not going to change too much. I’m going to be myself, and it's going to be good situation. We have a lot of good potential.

Speaking of leadership and potential, we have very young central midfielders in Perry Kitchen and Jared Jeffrey. What types of things do you think you can teach them?
DA: When you look at some of those young guys who have played these big roles, they have gotten some great experience and you can see the potential. I think I can help those guys continue to grow, and for a team to be successful, you have to have a god mix; you have to have guys with experience, but you have to have young guys step up and play big parts on teams, and we have that group of young guys that are capable of doing that.

You were at Kansas City for a long time, and have only moved your family once, so what is your feeling about moving your family to DC?
DA: Yeah, it’s my second move now. Once you’re in one place, I was in Kansas City for such a long time, you wonder if you are ever gonna leave. Obviously, moving and joining different teams is part of the business, and my family is very accepting of it. They are going to enjoy having to experience a new city, and I think myself and my family, we embrace it and look forward to it.

Being someone who has been around the League for a while, what do you think of the new signings so far?
DA: I think it's very positive. There's gonna be some new faces, but with the signings the staff has made so far, I think they’ve done really well. I’m looking forward to getting everyone together, and I’m looking forward to getting to meet everyone and getting to preseason here in a few months.