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Wednesday Training Notes

As we prepare to take on Sporting Kansas City in front of their home crowd, the squad has been training at a high level of intensity. Today, United warmed up as a team, then split up to play 11-aside. With the game two days away, we are working to get better, but also focusing on the task ahead-- SKC.

"The intensity has been really high," Bill Hamid told "Guys have come in really sharp from our Philly performance." 

But intensity isn't all that is needed to win a match; We have to put our chances away. Hamid agrees, stating that finishing chances in the final third has been a focal point this week at training along with being cleaner and sharper defensively.

"Harping on defensive things in our own third. Making sure we're clean in the back and solid all around the field. If we do those things, we'll ge tthe job done," said Hamid.

Yesterday, Assistant Coach Josh Wolff pointed out that Sporting plays with intense, high pressure. So yesterday at training, the Black-and-Red worked in small spaces, not allowing any player time on the ball. After possession, the field opened up a bit, still keeping the pressure high, making sure the team was working hard defensivley by shutting down space and passing channels quickly. 

"They play with high intensity, with a high line of pressure," said Wolff. "Their midfield gets after it, the forwards set the tempo for them and the backs come hard...they get numbers after you, and they try to turn you over in the midfield and shorten the field on you."

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