Ben Olsen at Union 13

Post-Match Quotes: September 28, 2013

Ben Olsen - Head Coach, D.C. United

What was your rational in picking today's line-up?
Well obviously, the line-up had a lot to do with Tuesdays Open Cup fixture. I set these guys up to fail today, it's pretty simple. We hung in there for about 60 minutes and then I got some guys out that were maybe going to factor in to Tuesday's game and now I'm putting guys out of position. You start adding those up and you are playing a real team in the MLS and that's what can happen. Again, our focus this week was the majority on Tuesday and I set them up to fail. But I was proud of the effort, certainly the work rate and the commitment from the guys, I couldn't ask for better. But again they can only do so much when I start pulling guys that are in position and doing well and putting guys out of the position for the last 25 minutes. We were scrambling and we were going to need a bounce or two down the stretch.

Was it difficult in choosing that line-up?
No. Unfortunately we've got a luxury to not matter so much about results in the league and so that decision wasn't a hard one.

You must have been pleased that your team was able to hold out as long as they did.
I thought it was a great start and I thought that we hung in there until we had to start a few subs and then things got a little out of whack. None of these guys are fit, most of them aren't 90 minutes fit because they haven't had a 90 in a long time. Again, when you add it all up that is what can happen towards the end of the game.

What did you make of Toronto's performance?
I know it's been a tough year for them, and a win is a win no matter how you put it or who you play so credit to them, they got the win.

Jared Jeffrey - Midfielder, D.C. United

Thoughts on your teams performance?
I thought we started out pretty good actually. You've got to give credit to Toronto, they put us under a lot of pressure, played really direct, and kind of had us on our back throughout the game. We couldn't sustain it being under pressure, just lobbing balls into the box and we made a couple mistakes and gave away some goals and obviously it's disappointing for us.

Thoughts on the goal you scored.
Fortunate it popped right to me, I had some time and space, put it on my left foot and tried to put it back post. Fortunately it just went inside. It was good. I thought the first 20 minutes we played well.

Was it difficult with today's line-up?
Ya, I don't think that is really an excuse. We really hadn't played together that much but it's still disappointing. I thought the effort was there but we just couldn't find any rhythm on the ball. I thought Toronto made it really hard for us today, they were really tough to play against, with and without the ball. We got a couple more games but obviously the focus is on Tuesday's game the Open Cup Final, but even looking towards next week's game against Chicago, we want to put in a better performance.

What's the team's mindset going into Tuesday's game?
The focus has been on that game for a while now. Obviously our whole season comes down to 90 minutes against Salt Lake so everyone is really focused, really tuned in and ready to go. It's been a trying year but we have an opportunity to salvage something on Tuesday and we're really looking forward to it.

Jimmy Brennan - Assistant Coach, Toronto FC

How did the game feel?
Good result. We knew in the first half we had to press a little more. It just seems that always in the first fifteen minutes into the game we seem to be a little sluggish. We have to wait for them to score and then finally we start picking up. But in the last twenty minutes or so in the game we took it by the scruff of the neck and we said to them at half time that this game is here for the taking. We said to them that if you continue the way you finished that first half there will be goals and you should finish the game comfortably.

What are your thoughts on the team's goals?
I thought it was great especially going forward when the guys got into the final third they really expressed themselves. They looked to take guys on. We wanted to get numbers into the box and we did that today. We had some great service to the strikers and some good finishes. It was good to see Alvaro Rey get his two and Bright Dike get his as well.

Alvaro Rey - Midfielder, Toronto FC

Thoughts on the game.
I know that off the get go we needed to get a win. We haven't had a win in quite a few games. That was most important, but having said that scoring a couple goals was nice, icing on the cake. It was a good group effort.

You guys fell behind early in the game. How did it feel to fight back and earn the win?
It was a definitely the reaction we needed to have. We reacted strongly and I think we had a really good game from that point on. The three points was the most important part.

How much more comfortable are you getting in each MLS game?
I'm feeling very good. It was difficult at first to adapt but I feel like now I'm adapting well with city, with my teammates, with the coaches and everyone around me. I'm very happy to be here.

Darel Russell - Midfielder, Toronto FC

How did it feel to come back and win the game?
We said it at half time that it felt like we were knocking on the door. We came in at half time and said that we have to keep pushing on and find that final quality. We managed to do that and knick a couple of goals. Fantastic result for the boys today.

Talk about Alvaro Rey and Bright Dike and their contribution today.
With Alvaro, he's getting better every week. He's starting to show what he can do. He's causing the full backs a lot of problems out there. With Bright, he's obviously come back from a major injury and hes going to take a few weeks to find that sharpness. He was a little frustrated in the first half with a few things that were just missing him but in the second half he got himself stuck right in and got himself a goal which is fantastic for him.