Ben Olsen
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Post-Match Quotes: August 24, 2013

D.C. United’s Head Coach Ben Olsen:

On the game overall:
“It was ok. We probably should have had a couple more goals, and obviously we don’t like the way we gave up our goal.”

On how Toronto’s goal was scored:
“You could start at the back heel. We didn’t put out the fire, but like every team you have to realize every play matters and you can’t pick and choose which play you take off. Give them credit though. They hung in there. They don’t get a lot of shots, but they did well with their chances. We got into some good spots and we needed to get that second because they kept hanging around. It’s not an easy tie to take.”

On Conor Doyle playing on the wing:
“We wanted to try him out there and see how he did. It’s not his natural position but we know he’s a guy who can make plays and finish off a play. I thought he did ok. I think he’s a better forward at this point, but we have that luxury now to tinker and look at things. Overall, I think he did pretty well.”

On Dwayne De Rosario’s goal:
“Yeah, he’s looked sharp the last couple weeks in training with his finishing. He seems to be getting stronger in his groin and can pull the trigger with the right pace now.”

On if Luis Silva has added to Dwayne De Rosario’s form:
“It’s just Dwayne [De Rosario] being Dwayne. Him and [Luis] Silva’s relationship is coming along. It was hit or miss tonight. We were looking to be more of a threat in behind but it allowed them to continue to push their line higher and it was tough to find them. They did a good job closing up the lanes to get the ball into them. Overall, great goal and Silva still has the ability to make a play at a moments notice.”

On his thoughts about his suspension being rescinded:
“We asked if they would look at it. It wasn’t an easy decision on the League to go back on a red card on a coach for the first time. I’m a little biased, but I think they got it right.”

On whether he thought he needed to use another substitution:
“Sure, maybe. We’ll never know. I still think [Dwayne] De Rosario and [Luis] Silva are still the guys to make the play in the end. We wanted to go get a goal and I think everyone looked fresh enough. I felt like we got enough looks toward the end and we were just looking for a play. We didn’t get the goal, so it’s easy to say [now] we needed the sub.”

On Dwayne De Rosario’s form in recent games:
“I think the last two months he’s been hungry. He’s played with a different look in his eye and he’s been healthy again. He’s had two groin injuries, so he hasn’t had a good stretch and we always know Dwayne’s better when he’s playing a lot of games and I think he’s getting there.”

D.C. United forward/midfielder Dwayne De Rosario:

On whether the team’s performance in the second half turned the game
“In some respect yes, in some respect no. First half, they had every decent chance coming across our defensive line and could have punished us. But you know, again, another frustrating time in front of a home crowd. So, I think we have to learn from our mistakes in this game and move forward.”

On Luis Silva’s influence on his form:
“He attracts a lot of energy and I finally feel strength in my leg after two months of being out and not being able to strike the ball. My leg feels good, knock on wood. But he definitely attracts guys and defenders, so now they have another guy to worry about and that frees up space for myself and frees up space for them and more one-on-one situations. He reads the game well, he makes good runs and he’s another threat up front. He can create and score so he’s definitely been a good addition. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a goal but he forced a great save from the ‘keeper.”

On his goal:
“Conor [Doyle] cut in and he kind of pulled off and you know, I kind of like hitting the ball from that area. I caught a good whip on it and fortunately it was able to go in the back of the net.”

If he knew the ball had a chance of going in when he struck it:
“Every time I shoot, I think it has a chance.”

D.C. United midfielder Luis Silva

On the team’s offensive performance:
“We were creating chances, we just had to put them away. We started off rusty with the passes. Once we got through that, I think we created good opportunities. Like I said, we just have to put them away and defensively, we have to be sharper.”

On what it was like facing his former team:
“It was exciting. It was exciting to see the guys out there. I haven’t seen them in a while, and it was good to play against them. But like I said, once I step on the field and the ref blows that whistle, I have no friends—my friends are my team right here. Once the game ends, it’s like nothing happened and we’re still friends and everything. I just try to keep it that way and stay focused throughout 90 minutes.”

On Dwayne De Rosario’s comments on Silva helping him regain his form:
“That’s a great compliment from him. Obviously, we’re two sort of similar players and I’m just trying to learn from him. Us rotating in the middle helps him—come check in the midfield or I go out wide or vice versa. I’m a team player. Anything I can do to help my team get the victory—unfortunately, today wasn’t in our favor.”

On whether he thought his scissor kick in the 78th minute had a chance of going in:
“Yeah, I did everything perfect I can say. [Joe Bendik] has great reflexes. He’s a great goalkeeper and he made a great save on me.”

Toronto FC Head Coach Ryan Nelsen

On the game:
“I think even the first half was really good. We had some really good opportunities, some very good opportunities from which we could have scored a couple of goals. It took a world-class goal by Dwayne [De Rosario]. That kind of separated the two teams, but in all honesty I wasn’t very worried because it always felt like we were going to get the opportunities. It came in the second half and we got three of four again. On the break, we knew there was going to be space to attack and I think Earnie’s [Robert Earnshaw] chance was an extremely good one and he normally puts those away. Obviously, I feel bad for him but overall I’m kind of happy with it because it took a world-class goal for them to score. We looked solid. These guys have to learn to get results away from home. We’re a very young team and we kept a good shape and we’re obviously disappointed that we didn’t take all three points today because I think we deserved it. I think that with the chances that came, we probably deserved it, but the guys came back from 1-0 down away from home and that’s good. It’s good for the future.”

On the team’s defensive performance:
“It was very good, again, away from home. Montreal got beaten pretty comfortably here in the last game. You’ve got to ask your goalkeeper to make saves, and I think that last one [from Luis Silva] was a great save. It was a mistake leading up to it but you need your ‘keeper to make saves. Our whole backline did very well. Asthone Morgan and Doneil Henry are getting better each game. They’re maturing and they’re learning the game. We have so much faith in those guys and we put a lot of leadership on them as well even though they’re young. I don’t like to single out because Reggie Lambe, another very young guy, worked his backside off and it’s a shame with Brock’s [Jeremy Brockie] having to leave as we’re going to miss his efforts, his energy and his enthusiasm. But also I think Jeremy Hall and Darel Russell did extremely well considering John [Osorio] was injured early on and obviously Matias [Laba] is injured so we didn’t have our starting midfield and those two did very well. Overall, it’s a very pleasing all-round effort.”

On Jonathan Osorio’s injury:
“He got an ankle injury. He actually might have done a bit of it yesterday in training and I think he probably aggravated it more. We’re hoping he’s going to be alright. He didn’t want to come out but he wasn’t himself, you could see that. Hopefully, we can strap him up and get him ready.”

On his and Bobby Convey’s return to D.C. United:
“Both of us, we always say how much we enjoy this city and the time that we had here was very memorable. Obviously, we want to win games, but when you win a championship at D.C. it’s always something special so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for them. But overall I thought Bobby was really good today, coupled by a goal. He’s been knocking at the door a few times but it was a lovely, controlled finish and it was what the team really deserved at that stage.”

On the performance in the second half:
“We try and [control the pace of the game]. Even when we don’t have the ball, we try and dictate terms and control where the ball goes. We’re young, and we have to learn. These guys are learning really quickly, they’re getting better and better, they’re getting more responsibility. They’re understanding each other and we keep working hard for them. This is a very hard place to play. I feel bad for Ben [Olsen], because this D.C. team is a very good team and with the injuries he’s had some bad luck. But they’re more than capable, as they showed against Montreal, of beating any team in this League. I’ll take a point but I’m disappointed we didn’t take three to tell you the truth.”

On Dwayne De Rosario’s performance:
“He’s a special player. He’s been a special player in this league. I think him and Landon [Donavan] have been the two stand-outs since this league has been going. He has that capability to [score that goal]. We had [Jonathan] Osorio, who had a bad ankle. He ran into his area where he takes over the defending and he just couldn’t get the pressure on him because of his ankle. If we’d had Darel Russell in there a bit earlier, he would have been under more pressure and something different could have happened. In all honesty, I should take my hat off. I don’t mind conceding world-class goals like that because sometimes you do just have to take your hat off and say it was a fantastic strike.”

Toronto FC midfielder Bobby Convey

On scoring against his former club:
“It’s good to come back and score here. My family was here today so it was nice to score in front of them. When they get to watch me play it’s always special.”

On the assist from Reggie Lambe:
“I thought Reggie played well the whole game. He was getting at the defenders, and he got through, looked up and played a good ball to me and I was able to finish it."

On the importance of a point away from home:
“It seems like whenever we play here it’s like being at a track meet, it’s a pretty big field with a lot of chances created. For us, it’s always good to get a point on the road, but we’re a little disappointed we didn’t win as we created a lot of chances.”

Toronto FC goalkeeper Joe Bendik

On the save from Luis Silva in the second half:
“The ball went to the back post, it was chipped back across and I was telling myself to get there and get in a good spot. I made a reaction save. It went straight off my left hand, I had just enough time to react and put a hand on it.”

On the importance of staying calm under pressure in the first half:
“It was big, because there was probably more than two goals that should have been scored in that game if you look at all the chances. But we knew we would have a couple of chances in the second half to get back into the game and unfortunately we couldn’t capitalize on that second one [from Robert Earnshaw], but 1-1 is a good result after being down so early.

On whether Toronto FC could have won:
“It kind of feels like a loss, but at the same time you’ve got to be a bit realistic after our performance last week. We came out quite hot today, I thought, and gave up that goal. But we were able to fight back and grab a point and had one more chance that could have put us ahead, but some of their chances were good, too.”

Toronto FC forward Jeremy Brockie

On the game:
“It was important we bounced back after our performance last week, and I think the boys went a long way to proving that last week was just a one-off game and if the ball had dropped our way we could have come away with three points.”

On whether they could have won:
“The second half was quite open. I guess we’re both lurking around the bottom of the table and I guess we’re keen to get the three points. We had some great opportunities and if the ball had gone our way we would have been sitting here with maybe three or four goals.”

On how his time in Toronto has been:
“It’s a great city, and it’s a good bunch of boys. They’ve made me feel very welcome from day one, and I’ve very much enjoyed my time here and I’m sad to be going. This was the original time I was here for and I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the boys for the rest of the season and the following years. I’ve made some good friends here on the team. That’s the beauty of playing football in different parts of the world, you meet new people and make new friends, and you keep in touch.”

Toronto FC midfielder Reggie Lambe

On whether Toronto FC could have won the game:
“Yes, I think we could have finished our chances better, but saying that we came back from 1-0 down and it’s good to get a draw.”

On the revival in the second half:
“There’s always something said in the dressing-room to pump up the players. It comes from everyone actually, from the team captain to the youngest player on the team. We’re all pushing each other and we came back to 1-1 and we’re glad to get a point on Jeremy Brockie’s final game."

On the assist for Bobby Convey’s goal:
“Right before, Bobby had said we should switch wings for a bit. I got the ball, I drove forward and I just saw him at the edge of the box. I laid it to him and he finished brilliantly. It’s good to get an assist and help the team come back into the game. I wish we could have finished our chances in the first half so we could have gone on to win the game, but a draw is good.”