D.C. United staff and players volunteer at DCCK

Yesterday, D.C. United staff, along with goalkeeper Joe Willis and defender James Riley volunteered at D.C. Central Kitchen (DDCK). Together with the kitchen staff, we made meals for thousands of people in need. DCCK Volunteer Coordinator, Casey Thomasson prepped the group and explained what DCCK does for the community.

“We bring in 3,000 pounds of food every single day from different restaurants and hotels and organizations. We transform it into 5,000 meals all at once. Now, we don’t send these out individually… We want to try to create a more sustainable system of support for people in the community. That’s why we send these meals out to halfway houses, rehabilitation centers and after school programs. So, these programs can save money, while providing healthy meals to their clients.”

The passion for the program clear in his voice, Thomasson continued to explain that most of the cooks have come through DCCK’s internship program—a 14 week program for the previously disenfranchised to learn a valuable skill and get back on their feet. 100% of the last graduating class is now employed; the norm is around 90% which, if you’ll allow me to editorialize here, is unbelievably impressive. 

While some volunteers cracked eggs to be used in lasagna, others prepared about 96 tins of turkey lasagna. Some DCU volunteers chopped jalapeños, while others prepared bacon and sandwiches for today’s breakfast. 

On behalf of everyone at D.C. United, we want to thank DCCK for letting us spend the afternoon preparing meals for thousands and thank them for everything they do for the community.