Ben Olsen - 2013
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Post-Match Quotes: July 12, 2013

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen

On D.C. United’s new additions:
“[Luis] Silva was just who we thought he was. He’s a guy that thinks differently than many of our players. He’s technically sound and calm on the ball. I think he will help with our production in the offensive half. It was a friendly game, but you can see his qualities. Finding out where he plays, where Chris [Pontius] plays, where Nick DeLeon plays – finding out where all these guys play will be a challenge. But the good thing is we have a talented core group and we’re continuing to build it.”

On Michael Seaton’s first touch being an assist:
“It was his first touch. Ask Michael [Seaton]. He’ll tell you all about it after this. He’s a great kid. I’m happy for him. Obviously, he’s got a long way to go. But that play sums up why he’s scoring goals and he has something about him. He doesn’t have a lot of fear in his mind. He goes hard. He’s competitive. He loves his team. And so it’s nice to see him come in and contribute tonight, for sure.”

On Jared Jeffrey’s first minutes for the Black-and-Red:
“[After] the first five or ten minutes, I thought he settled down and looked pretty good. It was probably his first game in a while. He’s not super fit right now. So, I thought it was a good shift for him. It’s not easy to throw two brand new guys who have trained one day into your starting eleven. But I thought they did well. I thought [Taylor] Kemp was good.”

On Carlos Ruiz’s goal:
“Carlos in particular has worked hard, and it hasn’t been an easy road for any of us, and in particular for Carlos. After he scored in the second half, I thought he did pretty darn good. Take away the goal; I thought he was [still] very good. So, I’m happy for him.”

On Joe Willis’ play:
“He made the saves he needed to make. He didn’t have a game like he did the other night [against the Colorado Rapids]. But, it was a very good steady game from him and that’s what we expect. It was good to see [Andrew] Dykstra get in the game. He’s as good a goalkeeper as anyone in the League. Unfortunately, he’s behind two really good goalkeepers. So, it was good to see him get on the field.”

D.C. United forward Michael Seaton

On the assist:
“I threw the defender off balance and I had seen Carlos, so I crossed it as hard as I can and he had a great touch. I just got in and when I did it, I was amazed. I wanted to score so bad because I had a ‘Happy Birthday’ shirt for my mom, but it’s all right. An assist can work.”

On his mom being in attendance:
“She was here. Even if I didn’t score, my mom was excited."

D.C. United forward Carlos Ruiz

On scoring his first goal with D.C. United:
“[It] feels great. I hope I can score in our regular season. I think this is good for me, my teammates, for the team. I will take my confidence back…We have an important game against Chicago next weekend, so I hope I can score there, too.”

On Michael Seaton:
“That was good for him. Everyone was happy to see him play. He is a young kid. He has a lot of things to learn. He listens and that’s good. When we talk to him in practice, he tries to be better and better. That was a great ball from him. He was trying to pass that ball. That was a great ball. I was there and I was just pushing the ball back of the net.”