Jared and Perry 13

Q & A with Perry Kitchen on new signings

You played with Jared in residency and with the U-23s, so what do you think he’ll bring to D.C. United?
Perry Kitchen: “Well, first, I think he’s a very good player, very good on the ball, works his tail off, and he’s got a little something going forward. So, I’m excited to have him here. He’s a great guy too. He’s a great guy in the locker room. He’ll be a good teammate. I think it’s a great pick up, and I definitely think he will help the team.”

Did you guys play together in the middle of the midfield for the U23’s?
PK: “Well, in residency, we were two different years, so we just trained together, we didn’t necessarily play together. With the 23’s, he was in the middle, I was at center back, but he is definitely a good guy to have in there.”

Awesome. You guys have trained with Collin before, so how do you think he will fit in?
PK: “Another good player. He’s young, but he has a ton of potential. He has good quality, good technically, and seems to be good at decision making, which is a big thing— another guy that has a great future and good potential.”