D.C. United's favorite 13 submissions

When it comes to a D.C. United beer, who better to name it then the fans? On May 15, D.C. United and DC Brau asked fans to submit name ideas for the first ever team-specific beer in the District. The results blew us away, and although there can only be one winner, we wanted to share the top 13 name submissions*:

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Lot 8 Ale
Submitted by: Allison Kasic
Explanation: It's where the fans will drink it before games -- so a nod to the hardcore fans that continue to support the team despite tough times.

The 96 Special
Submitted by: Elio Cruz
Explanation: If something this special is being created with DCU then it should named after that special chemistry the 96 team had that established DC as a soccer city and MLS legend.

The Fifth Star
Submitted by: Isaac Kelley
Explanation: D.C. United has won four championships (four stars) and are striving to become the first team in the league with five championships. We've been stuck on four for a while and are striving for the fifth star. Also, five stars is universally accepted as a term of excellence, so it's fitting for a DC Brau product as well.

The Olsen's Army Golden Ale
Submitted by: Brad Bosserman
Explanation: A popular nickname for United that references coach Ben Olsen who, like DC Brau, serves as an active and passionate ambassador for the team, the District, and its residents. All United fans would be proud to come together and enlist in Olsen's Army by throwing back a cold, home-grown ale from DC Brau. The Olsen's Army Golden Ale. Can't wait!

United We Can
Submitted by: Kathleen McDermott
Explanation: United We Can encompasses the major themes of this new collaboration and DC: 1. References the DC United team name - 2. References the DC Brau cans, which have become iconic - 3. References the spirit of DC with a play on "United We Stand" - A great name for a great American team and brand!

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Bouncing Stands (beer variety)
Submitted by: Sam Elling
Explanation: The stands bounce, while we may move to a new stadium it'll commemorate the trademark feature of RFK. Whether it's Bouncing Stands IPA or Lager or Porter or whatever, it'd probably work, and it'll commemorate the 12th man at all the games. Could work well if they made a lower ABV variety they could call it "the quiet side" which would be kind of neat.

Goooooooal-den Ale
Submitted by: Matt Kraft
Explanation: What's more iconic than hearing "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL," and watching United celebrate on the field? Drinking a "Goooooooooal-den Ale" in the stands of RFK, while celebrating a DCU victory.

Pride United Ale
Submitted by: Maria Wolvin
Explanation: As described by DC Brau CEO, “The unifying factor between D.C. United and DC Brau is the same element that connects both of us to our fans ... Pride: Pride in what we produce, pride in our city and pride in ourselves!” Pride United Ale showcases this central theme while allowing us fans to declare our own pride in the team we love everytime we order this new special beer. I can't wait to order my first Pride United Ale!

The Brotherhood
Submitted by: Rauf Demirkan
Explanation: Nothing exemplifies Brotherhood more than a team and it's fans.

The Dynasty
Submitted by: Phil Francois
Explanation: Giving recognition to DC United as the original MLS dynasty with 4 cup wins.

Fermentation Without Representation?
Submitted by: Jacob Rubin
Explanation: A take off on taxation without representation which appears on DC license plates

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The Atlantic Cup of Ale
Submitted by: Michael Bartlett
Explanation: Since DCU and the New York Red Bulls compete for the Atlantic Cup every year. It's fitting that fans of DC United drink to it at every game.

More Bounce to the Ounce
Submitted by: Kevin McGeehan
Explanation: We stand and jump for 90 minutes on the loud side and could use some fuel to keep the stands bouncing. This is the beer that will do it.

* Some entries were submitted by multiple people. All submissions and explanations were carefully considered.

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