Kicking it in Kansas City

We’re kicking off this blog with our most recent trip to Kansas City, Missouri. I will attempt to curb my bitterness at not coming away from our match with a well deserved point (possibly three), and provide you all with an unbiased evaluation of the Bristol Seafood Grill restaurant.

Bristol Seafood Grill
51 East 14th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106

The Bristol Grille is located in the Power and Light district of downtown Kansas City. This area offers an array of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that cater to whatever you are up for in an evening, all in the convenience of a few short blocks.

Members of tonight’s dining party include, Perry Kitchen – the youngster, James Riley – the seasoned vet, Mike Gartlan – their Agent and the money bags for this particular evening, and of course yours truly, Robbie Russell – all around great human being and the brilliant mind behind this blog. A couple other people contributed to the creation of this blog, but because they weren't here for this particular dining experience, they don't get credit (editors note – thanks Robbie! Some of the staff went to Jack Stack’s BBQ where we had some of the best BBQ around).

The evening started out with a brisk walk from our hotel, the Kansas City downtown Marriott, which was accompanied by a lot of belly aching from my teammates as to my efficacy with Google Maps, the correct direction of travel, and whether or not this restaurant I had found would be any good at all. James Riley can be quoted as saying “you picked a Seafood joint in Kansas City... Really?” and Perry's only concern was whether or not they would have pasta on the menu. In response I pointed out that I was the one who set up all the reservations, researched the restaurant and put this little shindig together, but as the saying goes 'No good deed...'

Needless to say I got us there on time, where we met Mike Gartlan at the bar. Our reservation was quickly honored by the hostess, but it didn't seem as if there was a shortage of tables. The inside was quite spacious with a separate bar and dining area. The décor was modern and the ambiance was lively. Pop music was being played in the bar area, but was never overpowering or difficult to talk over. There was a smattering of people all around the restaurant, which you could consider full but not packed. All in all not bad for an early Thursday evening. Our party of four was seated in the bar area at a high table for 6.


With all of that said, here is what we had along with some notes to accompany before we give you our final reviews and rating.


  • Sweet Bread Biscuits and Honey Butter.
  • Sweet Breads Biscuits were warm out of the oven. Crispy with excellent sweet and savory flavors combined with the honey butter.


Shared Fried Seafood Sampler.

Crab Cakes with apple slaw.

  • Top Notch with large chunks of crab, Good ratio of breading to crab! Very Crabby

Fried Calamari.

  • Very Average, A bit chewy with a great deal of breading!. Not the best, but not the worst either. Thankfully not too greasy. High quality ingredients seem to come through though

Shrimp Scampi.

  • Excellently prepared, tender and flavorful, surrounded by a delicious cream and garlic oil. Good enough to sop up with our bread.

Sweet Potato Fries.

  • Small and barely noticeable. Seemed to be more of a filler to be eaten along side the calamari.

Three dipping sauces.

  • Sweet and Sour sauce, Mango Tartar, Creole Remoulade.
  • All added something to the flavors of the appetizer, but all very heavy with cream.

Two Orders of Lobster Mac & Cheese

  • Unremarkable amounts of Lobster in the orders. “You can get more lobster at a food truck in Seattle,” said James Riley. Pasta cream sauce was subtle with a good amount of cheese. Not quite thick enough to be considered a full comfort food but maybe that is a good thing.

Lobster Bisque—Mike Gartlan

  • Creamy and rich, small chunks of lobster throughout. Can’t handle much more than was served but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Side Caeser—Perry Kitchen, Robbie Russell

  • Too much dressing and too much cheese.


Mixed Seafood Grill-- Robbie Russell

Charred Ahi Tuna-- Mike Gartlan

Chicken Penne-- Perry Kitchen

6 Ounce Filet Oscared—James Riley


Key Lime Pie

  • Perry Kitchen's all time favorite dessert so we will rely on him for an opinion. “Thought it was pretty good but too fluffy and the crust was a little overpowering. A graham cracker crust would have been better,” said Kitchen. I agree, and the mango sorbet didn't do anything to help the dish. It became bland slush when eaten along side the pie. Cocktail fruit addition seemed to come out of cans, seemed cheap

Opinions Notes:

  • James Riley was initially skeptical of seafood in Kansas City.... especially having lived in Seattle and LA, but he has since recanted this statement.
  • The Surf and Turf Combos on the menu were numerous and varied. You could essentially pair any fish with any type of steak available and have it cooked to order.
  • Mike Gartlan, who paid for the whole thing, was quoted as saying, “considering everything involved in the meal, it was worth the price.”
  • Great Ambiance. Relaxing, modern sleek. Great for conversation with lively background. Unfortunately didn’t try the drinks, but the wine selection seemed varied and tasteful.


Food: 7
Presentation: 5
Atmosphere: 8
Price: 4
Overall Rating: Nutmeg City

Our next posting will be evaluating some of DC's finest chefs, restaurants and mixologists at this years Taste of the Nation charity function. It is happening TODAY at the National Building Museum. We encourage all of our readers to join us there, seeing as this event is helping to raise funds necessary to help feed our hungry children. The host of this event, Share Our Strength, is a charitable organization that seeks to bring awareness to the plight of our nation's hungry children.

Learn more and buy tickets here. We hope to see you there.

We’ll also be trying out D.C. United Bar Partner Rockland’s BBQ later this week, so be on the lookout for a review on that.

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