Casey Townsend
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March to March 9: Q&A with Casey Townsend

How was the game against the [Columbus] Crew this past weekend?
Casey Townsend: The game was good. There were times when people weren’t obviously on the same page and things like that. And I had gotten in late so my legs weren’t completely there. So, I was just trying to get my legs back a little bit. Obviously you always want to win the game. We didn’t win. But, it was good for everybody to get back on the field and try and get familiar with everyone again.
What kind of feedback did [Head Coach] Ben[Olsen] and the other coaches give the team after the game?
CT: That they like the hard work that everyone put in and things like that. Obviously it didn’t go the way we wanted it to go, but the first preseason game never really does. You just want people go out and work hard and do their best and that’s what they expected and I think that’s what people tried to do. So, I think they were satisfied with that aspect of it. And like I said, you obviously want to win, but it being the first pre-season game I think it went okay.
What’s it like being reunited with some of the players that you played with at Maryland like Ethan [White] and Taylor [Kemp]?
CT: It’s been really nice, you know? It’s been nice getting back with them and being able to see them again. And it’s made my transition here a lot easier. I kinda just feel a lot more comfortable, and hopefully when I get back to D.C., I can kind of fall back into what I used to do there. I lived there for four years obviously, and I loved it out there. So, it’s been really nice overall.
Did you live in D.C. proper or outside of D.C.?
CT: I lived right outside of D.C., but I went to the city quite often. So I’m pretty excited to get back.

Where do you take folks who come in, visiting from out of town to see in D.C.?
CT: They like to see the standard D.C. things. They like to see the Capitol and the museums and stuff like that. Those are about mostly what everyone wants to see so that’s usually where I take them.
What’s your favorite place in the city?
CT: I don’t really have a favorite place, to be honest. I just like to be in the city where it’s busy, lots of people and lots of things going on. That’s kinda what I like.
A lot of our fans are really excited about you being back here in the area. How do you think you’ll be able to add to the attack here at D.C. United?
CT: Hopefully I can score some goals. That’s what I like to do. That’s what I get paid to do. And hopefully, the fans will see me out there working as hard as I can, both offensively and defensively, and that’s something that I think I can bring to the table is just my hard work and being a pain for the other team. And just doing the little things the some of the other people don’t like to do.
How long did you know you wanted to be a pro player?
CT: A long time. I think I started playin’, I dunno, when I was maybe four of five and kinda as I grew up I just fell in love with the game and what it was all about. So, I’ve been wanting to be a pro for a long time. So, it was pretty much a dream come true when I was drafted last year.
What moment in your soccer playing career did you realize, “I could do this. I could actually be a pro?”
CT: I think, maybe, my freshman year at Maryland when we won the National Championship and I knew I could play at that level. That’s kinda when I realized there were a lot of professional players on that Maryland team. So, that’s when I kinda realized I could play at that level and that’s what I strived for ever since.
Last season D.C. United made it one stop shy of an MLS Cup appearance and got a taste of almost winning a trophy. Do you sense that kind of hunger in camp and how excited are you knowing you very well may be competing for an MLS Cup this year?
CT: Yeah, absolutely. These guys seem like they’re very, very hungry and it seems like they wanna get back to where they were and they expect to be playing for a championship this year, which is new for me and something I’m excited to be part of. But they are definitely hungry for more success and they’re not resting on what they did last year. They definitely want to step it up and want be in that championship game this year. 

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