Playoff update - 10/25

D.C. United's playoff picture


D.C. United has clinched second in the Eastern Conference. The Black-and-Red will play the New York Red Bulls on Wednesday, November 7 at 8:00 PM. The date and time of the match in New York is to be determined.

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Following New York’s 3-0 win over Philadelphia this afternoon, D.C. United’s playoff picture is much clearer as the team prepares to take on the Chicago Fire at 4 p.m. ET (NBC Sports Network).

Due to New York’s 3-0 win, it is impossible for United to finish in third place. Here are the scenarios:

If D.C. United defeats or draws Chicago…

  • United would secure second place in the East and face third place New York in the Eastern Conference semifinal
  • New York would host United on Saturday, Nov. 3 or Sunday, Nov. 4 at Red Bull Arena, before the return leg at RFK Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. 7

If D.C. United loses to Chicago…

  • United would fall to fourth place and face fifth place Houston Dynamo in the knockout round
  • Untied would host the Dynamo at RFK Stadium on Wednesday, Oct. 31
  • Should United defeat Houston, the team would advance to the Eastern Conference semifinal and host first place Kansas City at RFK Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 3 or Sunday, Nov. 4
  • The potential return leg would take place in Kansas City on either Wednesday, Nov. 7 or Thursday, Nov. 8


1. KC; 63 points; 34 GP 

2. NY; 57 points; 34 GP
(Goals for: 56)
3. DC; 57 points; 33 GP
(Goals for: 52)
4. CHI; 56 points; 33 GP

5. HOU; 53 points; 33 GP


NY: 57
DC: 52

HOU: 48

CHI: 45

KC: 42


KC: +15

NY: +11
DC: +10

HOU: +9

CHI: +5