Post-match quotes: D.C. United 1 - Toronto 0

D.C. United head coach Ben Olsen

Did you feel a little fortunate at the end?
Well, it wasn’t like they (TFC) dominated the game but with the wind in the second half and them (TFC) just pumping balls one after the other we held out pretty well. Some of the guys made some big plays and Bill Hamid made some great saves and our center backs really hung in there. We dodged a bullet or two but I think they dodged a bullet or two throughout the game. The game isn’t one I am going to dissect too much because it was a tough game with the elements. We found a way, we’re not saying we’re the top team in the league but there is something about us, with our spirit, where we are finding ways to win.

This was an early, cold, road game against TFC, do you think your guys had any problem getting up for the game?
I don’t know, at times it looked like in the first half we needed more in every aspect. We needed to move the ball a little bit quicker and we needed just a bit more energy overall. It wasn’t an easy day to play soccer and they did a good job. I felt in the first half TFC sat back and made it difficult for us to break them down, we didn’t have a lot of ideas to do that. When we put Branco (Boskovic) back to central midfield I feel that is when the game started to change.

Were your 3 substitutions all tactical substitutions in order to really push for a win?
One point would help but three puts us in a better spot. We made that conscious decision that we were going to try and get through this game. I am very pleased with Hamdi (Salihi, goal scorer), the guy is a true pro, a lot of forwards don’t score that goal, they don’t finish off the play, and that’s what Hamdi is, he is a finisher.

Describe your emotion at this time of the year when you see the goal scored this late in the game.
It felt a little bit like a thief. Maicon makes a great play down the line and gets his shot on goal and Hamdi is there for the finish. Most of our games can go either way, we are just finding ways to win right now.

Do you want to make any call on the officiating?
I thought he was okay for both teams. If I had tied or lost this game then I would probably have some different words for him.

D.C. United forward Maicon Santos

So you take possession in the midfield, what’s going through your mind?
My mind was set on what everyone thought, that was to shoot.

When you take your shot at Kocic, what do you then think?
I know Kocic, I know he is an awkward diver and he has made mistakes. I am glad he made one there because we walk away with three points.

D.C. United forward Hamdi Salihi

What were you thinking when you kept making your run?
I saw Maicon running down the right side and I thought maybe he would cross one in but I went to the right place and I saw Maicon shoot and the ball came to me and I scored.

You must have been surprised to see the ball come out to you?
I knew he would miss because the ball was not easy to stop, so I was not surprised with the ball coming out to me.

D.C. United defender Brandon McDonald

Do you feel a little fortunate at the end considering the amount of pressure they put on you?
Yeah, in the second half there was a lot more pressure. For us it is about staying the course, we have grown so much together since the beginning of the year. In the beginning of the year, with that amount of pressure, we would probably have given away points. We are coming together slowly but surely and we’re doing it at the right time.

Toronto FC Head Coach & Director of Soccer Operations Paul Mariner

Anything more left to say?
I don't think there is to be perfectly frank. I asked for something today during the week from the players and I most certainly got it. This is as well as I've seen them play in quite some time. If you have an overview, I thought we did really well considering they (DC United) are well into the playoffs and we are miles away from the playofss. Its just haeart breaking for the players, but its all about scoring goals. We've got to take our chances but we are not taking our chaces.

Thoughts on the game.
The possession was good second half, tactically we blocked the important guys up, the diamond in the middle was fine, we were breaking on them. We asked for hard work, and we got that. We asked for togetherness and we got that.

Did you see any of the signs the supporters were holding during the game?
No I was watching the game.

Toronto FC Goalkeeper Milos Kocic

You apologized to the fans and the guys in the locker room as well?
Yes, we deserved to win today. unfortunately I worked hard all week, i was ready to play, i was ready to help the team. I looked good all game and a mistake at the end and you know I lost the game for my team today. I wanted to apologize to everyone, the boys deserved better, the fans, the club, I let the them down today. That's it.

What happened on the play?
Maicon (Santos) hit a deeper ball and those can be difficult for a goalkeeper but at that moment I should have done better. i don't know if I lost focus, I'm not sure what the problem was but I have to do better at that moment in the game. If I caught that ball nice and easy maybe we would have had a point. As you can see we created a couple more chancees after that so maybe we could have scored a goal and won one to zero.

Toronto FC Midfielder Terry Dunfield

Thoughts on game.
I think we stepped our game up over all. I think for a lot of periods of the game we outplayed DC and when we had chances we couldn't take them and unfortunately paid for it in the end.

Is it frustrating when you get that amount of free kicks and corner kicks in areas where you can convert and they are not being converted?
Yes, there was some good play from open play as well. It's frustrating not only for the players and for the fans I'm sure.

How do you answer that?
We got a break now for two weeks and a lot of lads will go home and reflect and the first thing you can do is look in the mirror and see how you can improve.

Is there a lot of talk in the locker room about the play and what has to happen?
I think today there is not a lot you can say. We battled for ninty minutes and were unlucky with the goal we conceded. Another day, the worst result we get is nil nil.