Dwayne De Rosario celebrates his 100th goal
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How DeRo's 100th compares to other major sports

In scoring his 100th MLS goal on Wednesday night, Dwayne DeRosario joined an elite group of athletes. Since play began in 1996, only seven players in league history havereached triple digits in goals scored. 

But how does the historic feat compare to other sports?

We did some simple math to determine what baseball, hockeyand basketball milestones might stack up to Major League Soccer’s centuryclub.  Taking into considerationthat MLS has only been in business for 16 years, here’s what we found.


Comparable Accomplishment: 20,000 Point Plateau

Since its inaugural campaign in 1947, the NBA has seen 37players score 20,000 points. 

More Impressive: DeRo’s 100th.  The NBA has been around for 65 years, just over four timesas long as MLS.  At the currentpace, MLS would have significantly fewer (28) 100-goal scorers in its 65thseason.


Comparable Accomplishment: 400 Home Runs

In the World Series Era (since 1903) 50 major leaguers havehit 400 or more homers.

More Impressive: DeRo’s 100th– marginally.  At a seven player/16-year rate, MLSwill have produced 49 100-goal scorers come the league’s 109th season.


Comparable Accomplishment: 500 goals

Since beginning play during the 1917-1918 season, 42 playershave scored 500 or more NHL goals.

More Impressive: DeRo’s 100th – again, marginally.  MLS is on pace to have 41 100-goalscorers when the league reaches the NHL’s current age (95) in 2091.