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McCarty: 'I don't think it was anyone's fault'

Though his stay in Washington didn’t last long, Dax McCartyleft a favorable impression on D.C. United’s passionate fan base.  Named the team’s captain days beforethe 2011 opener, McCarty made 13 appearances before being traded to New York onJune 27.

During a Tuesday appearance on the Capital Soccer Show, McCarty – in town for Wednesday’s Atlantic Cup clash between the Red Bulls andUnited – spoke candidly about the experience in D.C.

“One-hundred percent, but I don’t think it was anyone’sfault,” McCarty responded when asked if he had any regrets about his briefspell with the Black-and-Red.  “Ithink it was more the case of a young coach trying to get his best players onthe field.  I don’t think it waseven a case of me playing out of position, I think it was a case of me notplaying very well my first couple games here and not really knowing what typeof role I should play.”

McCarty also opined that both teams were made better by thetrade, calling the move ‘a good bit of business’.

The 25-year-old midfielder was equally honest about teammateThierry Henry, who rejoined New York on Tuesday after missing Sunday’s contestagainst Kansas City due to the birth of his son.  Earlier this year, Henry drew heavy criticism for some of hison-field mannerisms – many of which seemed to take frustrated aim at his younger,less-experienced teammates.

“Maybe sometimes he can go about it a different way if it’sa younger guy that needs confidence, that needs to be picked up,” McCartyacknowledged.  “But when you are aguy like myself, or Heath Pearce or some of the older guys in the lineup, youknow that he knows you are a better player than what just happened on thefield.”

Later in the interview McCarty noted that, despite Henry’simpressive resume, the four-time World Cup vet is not beyondreproach. 

“Sometimes for him to get motivation you have to lay intohim or yell at him,” said McCarty. “Sometimes you would think that he’s not a guy that would take too kindlyto criticism… Sometimes, if you lay into him a little bit and kind of give hima little dose of his own medicine he plays much better.”

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