Post-match quotes: Houston Dynamo 4 - D.C. United 0


On how D.C. United responded to Dynamo pressure
"I wasn't that pleased with it. I thought that we could have been meaner. I thought that we could have been angrier. I thought our shape could have been better and simply just keep the game 1-0 as long as you can. We got a little stretched, we got impatient, not everybody was working as hard as they could, so that was alarming and we will address that. There were some guys out there that gave it their all. There were some guys that put a lot of effort in and I was proud of them. It wasn't every guy out there putting in the effort and that's very alarming."

On Robbie Russell's foot injury
"We will see how that goes. We will get him evaluated but I don't think it's a couple days thing. We have some reserves that are ready to go."

On the first 15 minutes and dealing with the humidity
"It wasn't very humid out there today. We would have liked to score early. We just like to score goals on other teams. It's kind of how we are doing it."

On his team's reaction to the loss
"We expect a response just like we have been after tough losses. We have another away game against Columbus next week so hopefully we can fix some things there."


On Brad Davis' penalty kick
"I was just trying to remember where I have seen Brad [Davis] go before. When you are sitting on the bench, you are always thinking that maybe you'll go in so you always have to be prepared. So when Bill [Hamid] got the red card, I was ready. I didn't actually touch it but I had seen him put it there a few times before and Pat [Onstad] obviously knows him pretty well so he told me that's where he usually goes. I just didn't leave early enough."

On the team's response at halftime
"I think the team responded well the entire game. I don't think that the team ever quit. Everyone on this team works hard everyday. No matter the situation we were never out of it. Everyone was working hard until the end."


On the penalty kick
"It's a lesson to learn from. We are still in a good spot point wise and we have a big game coming up against Columbus."

On knowing the Dynamo's system
"Obviously it didn't help tonight but we know what to expect. We all speak about it before the game. We know what kind of team Houston is and unfortunately tonight, we gave up a red card early. I think it was a good game for everyone. The first 15 minutes, it was going back and forth. We had a couple great chances and they had a couple great chances and then the [red card] changes the entire dynamic of the game. Hats off to them. Scoring four goals is not easy to do whether you are up a man or not. We just have to learn from it."


Thoughts on the match
"I'm really happy. Playing down a man is tough for everyone; especially playing in this heat it makes it harder. I thought we managed the game well. It was a good night for us overall. It was something we needed, to get on the scoreboard. We had good chances in front of goal and the guys are feeling good about the win. With that said, we don't have a lot of time to enjoy it. We have a tough game coming up on Wednesday."

On the team's attacking options
"The red card did help. The guys that came in gave us a nice lift with 25 minutes to go. What I really took away from the game was that when we gave the ball away, we really worked hard to get it back, even with them having ten men. I told the guys we could make it easy on ourselves or difficult and with our attitude, we made the game easier than it could have been."

On the first goal
"The pass by Corey [Ashe] was perfect. He laid it right into his path and Mac [Kandji's] pace got him onto the ball. I thought the call was correct. I think Corey had another good game tonight. He tackled well and played good passes."

On how the team is working with the 4-3-3 formation
"We are still trying to find our way through the system. Sometimes it seems like we know what we are doing and sometimes it seems like we are neither here nor there. Both Mac and Oscar [Boniek Garcia] are a little bit different. Mac is dangerous running behind and Oscar causes trouble when he has the ball at his feet."


On scoring his first goal
"I feel very happy and relieved that I was able to score my first goal, especially with the way I did it. It was my first goal as a professional as a header."

On playing out wide with the Dynamo
"The space has to be created. It's part of my game plan. Luckily for me, there is a good understanding between my teammates and I. I'm blessed in the fact that they understand me, they know what I'm about and they help me create that space."


Thoughts on the match
"It's unfortunate for D.C. going down a man early. It's still one of those things that we have to play well even if we are up a man. It's easy to get lax and I don't think we ever stopped. That is a credit to the guys in front of me. Our goal was to give them nothing and the guys in front of me did a good job."

On getting a third consecutive shutout
"I think it's a group thing. They didn't have too many looks on goal. I think it's the whole team unit. Everyone is together. It's a team goal and when the team accomplishes that it's a beautiful thing. Goalkeepers get a lot of credit for shutouts but I can't take too much credit with the way the team is playing in front of me."

On how the win relieves pressure for the week
"We always put pressure on ourselves. Even after victories we want to be a better team. Even though it was a one-sided game for us, we are going to go into Kansas City trying to fix some of the mistakes we made. I can organize better and be a better goalkeeper for the team. We are not taking the foot off the pedal at all."