Payne: "We are pretty happy with the group"

Just over two weeks away, the summer transfer window loomslarge across Major League Soccer. 

But despite sweltering temperatures in Washington, D.C.United President Kevin Payne isn’t sweating it.

“We are pretty happy with the group we have in the locker roomright now,” Payne said last week during an appearance on the Capital SoccerShow.  “So I would say as a generalstatement: Unless somebody who is a clear game-changer is available, I don’tsee us making a substantial change.”

With his team occupying the top spot in the EasternConference, Payne’s calm approach to American soccer’s month of mayhem makessense.  Still, those chasing theBlack-and-Red are sure to pursue major moves over the coming weeks.  New York has already been linked toformer AC Milan teammates Gianluca Zambrotta and Alessandro Nesta, whileHouston just completed negotiations with prized Honduran speedster Oscar BoniekGarcia.  Even Philadelphia, D.C.’snext opponent, seems poised to make a move after recently opening aninternational roster spot by trading Danny Mwanga to Portland.

But don’t expect United’s front office to look for a signing inhopes of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

“It’s a non-starter that we would sign a significant playersimply so we can say we signed a significant player,” Payne reiterated.  “It’s only going to be if somebodycomes along that we think can absolutely take us to a completely differentlevel that we can’t achieve otherwise.”

So, what do fans think?  Any players out there that could take D.C. to the next level or do you like United's roster as is?