Post-match quotes: D.C. United 4 - FC Dallas 1


On the win:
First off, it’s nice to win for the fans here. We haven’t given them much but I thought we put on a pretty good show. It was probably a pretty entertaining game to watch back and forth early.

On making changes at half:
In the second half I though we were pretty good. We executed some of the things we talked about all week very well and we scored two goals.

On Danny Cruz and Nick DeLeon:
They had a big impact on the offensive end but they also had a big impact on the defensive end. I certainly appreciated the way they worked on both sides of the ball. I would hate to play against him [Cruz]. He’s a really competitive guy and just doesn’t quit. Nick [DeLeon] has very good soccer instincts for a young kid and I thought both of them played very well.

On Perry Kitchen:
Perry I was really proud of. Not an easy week for him. He was shot from ten minutes in. We were asking a lot of him today and he gutted it out and we’re really proud of him.”

On the team’s next match versus Seattle:
We have Seattle next week, who are a very good team. So, we’ll enjoy it this weekend and get back to work on Monday.


On his first goal:

I’ve been trying every game I’ve been playing for D.C. United. You guys know that. I’ve been trying to shoot from long distance. That’s what I do. Work and shoot from long distance.

On playing with Dwayne De Rosario:

We know each other, so we understand. He knows where I’m going to be, so we work together.

On the result:
That’s a big win for us. It makes us relax.


On United’s performance:
We came out well. We had a lot of fight in us and I think it showed. I guess they caught us ball watching a bit at the beginning but I was able to make the saves and we got rejuvenated after that. I think the team played really well. I just did what I was supposed to do.


On United’s performance:
The back line was obviously great, our goalkeeper was great, the midfield play was great and our forwards were holding the ball unbelievably well. So, I think overall it was a great win and huge three points. I think overall the chemistry was unbelievable tonight. We were just really prepared. Three points was very important and we look forward to next week.

On his goal:
I knew Nick DeLeon was going to get to the end line. I have played with him for a long time now and after scoring the goal it was kind of surreal. It was something we had been waiting for for a long time. It was a great service and I had to do the rest.


On United’s performance:
We keep getting better as we play soccer and it is showing. We came out after half and we had to get a win, and that’s what we did. We knew it was going to be a battle, and once that second goal came, the floodgates kind of just opened. Game by game, we’re getting better with each other and more comfortable with each other, getting to know each others habits, so we’re slowly progressing.

On his goal:
It felt amazing, especially to do it here at RFK.


On his team’s defensive performance:
I thought our defense gave some silly balls away and I think [D.C. United] capitalized on it. It was something that we talked about before the game, “don’t give the balls away in the defending third and don’t give the balls away in the middle third,” and I thought we did that fairly well. It just seemed that before they scored the second goal there was a period of time when we had a hard time getting the ball and keeping it. Our defense was just under a lot of pressure and it showed.


On his team’s performance:
It was a disappointing game. We knew coming here that they didn’t have a win, were at home, and wanted to get a result and they were going to fight to the end. First half, we had opportunities which we capitalized, but we just let down. That was it.

On what went wrong:
We just let down, there wasn’t enough energy. We knew they were going to come out hard and fight for a win; they weren’t going to settle for a tie. So, we have to match that energy and go after them – we are on the road. We knew what to expect.


On his teams performance:
Despite not winning, I have to say [D.C. United] is a great team, with players that stand out. We have to keep working. It was a hard hit that won’t let us sleep, that’s the truth. We must try to get a win on Thursday and forget about tonight.”

On his scoring record:
I have a lot of faith that I will score more goals, and that’s what I’m working for. I wanted to score more here but I needed to get better balls. Luckily, I was given one by D.C.’s central defense and I was able to score. It’s good for my self-confidence but it’s useless because the team didn’t get a win, tie or add points. So, I leave with a bitter taste.