Sense of the Council resolution passes

The DC Council passed a Sense of Council resolution on Tuesday that calls on the District government to "actively take steps" to retain D.C. United within the District of Columbia.

The resolution was co-introduced by Chairman Kwame Brown, Councilmember Tommy Wells (Ward 6) and Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2) and passed 11-1.


"On behalf of Will Chang, the D.C. United players and staff, and most of all, our fans, I want to thank the DC Council, and in particular Chairman Kwame Brown and Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Jack Evans, for the resolution of support which was approved today.

"Further, we are most appreciative of the additional statements of support from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Mayor Vincent Gray. We look forward to sitting down in the very near future with the Gray administration to discuss a mutually beneficial solution to D.C. United's search for a permanent home."


Councilmember Wells broke the news via Twitter:

Councilmember Evans offered his support:

DC Mayor Vincent Gray reacted favorably to the Council's resolution:

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton issued the following statement:

"D.C. United is the most successful team in Major League Soccer history and has brought honor and fun to the District. The team has buttressed my economic development work in the Congress to attract new revenue to the city. D.C. United draws fans from across the metro area, the nation and the world, who spend their money in the District. The team has not rested on its great success on the field. Its actions in the community make the team especially valuable to our city. Every time I attend a civic event or children’s activity with D.C. United players and staff in the District, I see the pride that D.C. residents have in their team. D.C. United is a valued asset. The team has proudly taken our name and belongs here. Our city must not lose another team, particularly a team that has accomplished so much in the city’s name. I urge the team and the city to work together to keep D.C. United in D.C."