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2011 MLS SuperDraft Selection Order

    ROUND 1

  1. Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  2. Portland Timbers
  3. D.C. United
  4. Chivas USA
  5. Philadelphia Union
  6. New England Revolution
  7. Houston Dynamo
  8. Vancouver Whitecaps FC (from Toronto FC)
  9. Chicago Fire*
  10. Sporting Kansas City
  11. Seattle Sounders FC
  12. Columbus Crew
  13. New York Red Bulls
  14. Real Salt Lake
  15. San Jose Earthquakes
  16. LA Galaxy
  17. FC Dallas
  18. Colorado Rapids
  19. ROUND 2:

  20. Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  21. Portland Timbers
  22. Seattle Sounders FC (from D.C. United)
  23. Portland Timbers (from Real Salt Lake, Chivas USA)
  24. Philadelphia Union
  25. New England Revolution
  26. New York Red Bulls (from Houston Dynamo)
  27. Toronto FC
  28. Chicago Fire*
  29. Columbus Crew (from Philadelphia Union, Sporting Kansas City)
  30. Seattle Sounders FC
  31. New York Red Bulls (from Columbus Crew)
  32. D.C. United (from New York Red Bulls)
  33. Sporting Kansas City (from Real Salt Lake)
  34. San Jose Earthquakes
  35. LA Galaxy
  36. FC Dallas
  37. Colorado Rapids
  38. ROUND 3:

  39. Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  40. New York Red Bulls (from Portland Timbers)
  41. New England Revolution (from D.C. United)
  42. Chivas USA
  43. Philadelphia Union
  44. New England Revolution
  45. Toronto FC (from Houston Dynamo)
  46. Toronto FC (from Colorado Rapids, Toronto FC)
  47. Chicago Fire*
  48. Sporting Kansas City
  49. Seattle Sounders FC
  50. Columbus Crew
  51. Chicago Fire (from New York Red Bulls)
  52. LA Galaxy (from Real Salt Lake, LA Galaxy, Real SaltLake)
  53. Chicago Fire (from San Jose Earthquakes)
  54. Real Salt Lake (from LA Galaxy)
  55. FC Dallas
  56. New England Revolution (from Colorado Rapids)

*Chicago and Seattle trade on 7/31/10. Pick to be determined 24 hours prior to the 2011 MLS SuperDraft.

Selection Order

The MLS SuperDraft selection order is determined as follows: The first two selections are awarded to Major League Soccer'sexpansion teams, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the Portland Timbers. Through the Expansion Priority Draft, Vancouverearned the first selection in the SuperDraft, Portland will have the second selection. The next six selections are from teamsthat did not qualify for the 2010 MLS Cup Playoffs beginning with the team with fewest 2010 regular season points (3 pointsper win, one point per tie). The remaining eight positions are ranked by fewest regular season points among the teams thatwere eliminated in the same round of the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Procedural rules for the 2009 MLS SuperDraft

  • Draft Rounds: The 2011 MLS SuperDraft will include three rounds and 54 selections. Once a team has passed, it may nolonger participate in the Draft (e.g. may no longer select players, use a timeout, etc.)
  • Selection Clock: Teams are permitted four minutes to make a selection in the First and Second Rounds. Teams arepermitted three (3) minutes to make a selection in the Third Round.
  • Intermissions: There will be a five minute break between each round.
  • Timeouts: Each team is permitted one, five minute timeout. Selections must be made immediately following thetimeout (no additional time given). More than two timeouts cannot be used consecutively.
  • Failure to Make Selection in Designated Time: Teams that fail to make their selection in time must wait until the nextselection is made, regardless if their choice is presented prior to the next team's decision. The team that was delinquent withits selection must immediately have its choice in hand following the selection of the team that followed. If not, the originalteam must again wait for the next selection to be made.
  • Team Passing: In the event a team passes, it shall be precluded from making any further picks for the remainder of theDraft.