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Roster freeze deadline looms for MLS clubs

NEW YORK – D.C. United manager Ben Olsen said on Monday’s edition ofExtraTime Radio that Swiss league veteran Carlos Varela will be heading back toDC as the club determines whether to work out a deal for the final two months of the MLS season.

“We’re still looking at [Varela],” Olsen said on ExtraTime Radio. “He went back for a personalissue, [but] he’s coming back this week.

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"We’ll have a couple of days to evaluate himand make a decision," Olsen added. "He’s played at a very high level and is willing to comehere for a couple of months to feel out America – and let us feel him out as well – and make a decision [for the] long-term next year.”

Olsen and D.C. United, however, have to hurry and make the decision beforethe MLS Roster Freeze deadline of Sept. 15 if Varela is to be available in 2010.

MLS teams cannot make any changes to their rosters as ofWednesday at 5 p.m. ET. The next moves will have to wait untilafter MLS Cup in November.

Even though his ITC and work visa may be pending, Varela canbe eligible to play for the rest of the MLS season as long as he signs acontract and is added to United’s roster by Sept. 15.