VIDEO: World Cup picks by players and staff's Tony Limarzi tells us which countries D.C. United's players and staff are supporting and the 2010 World Cup and asks players to predict which teams will surprise us in the tournament.

D.C. United player and staff World Cup predictions

  Winner Quote
Jordan Graye USA "You have to back the home team."
Barry Rice Brazil  
Carey Talley Brazil  
Kurt Morsink Holland "Their attack is just too good, you watch."
Marc Burch England  
Dejan Jakovic Argentina "This is Messi's time to shine in the World Cup."
Christian Castillo Brazil "It's obvious, Brazil is second to none."
Andy Najar Brazil  
Boyzzz Khumalo South Africa  
Devon McTavish Holland "I think it will be Holland the country - not the Netherlands."
Stephen King Spain  
Rodney Wallace Brazil  
Troy Perkins Brazil  
Andrew Quinn South Korea "All these answers are boring, someone has to pick a different team."
Julius James England "Rooney."
Jaime Moreno Spain  
Bill Hamid Brazil "They have players who have won it before, and so has their manager."
Santino Quaranta France "They will surprise people."
Clyde Simms Holland  
Adam Cristman Spain  
Danny Allsopp Argentina  
Coaching Staff:
Curt Onalfo France "You just can't doubt their experience"
Kris Kelderman Holland "Didn't you know? I'm Dutch."
Ben Olsen Spain or England "I think the final will be Spain v England. What a match-up that would be, but I don't think I could call a winner."
Mark Simpson Spain  
Team Staff:
Brian Goodstein Spain Argentina "One word - Messi."
Tim Hall Spain  
Dave Brauzer Spain  
Francisco Tobar Chile (home country pride)