Q&A: Jaime Moreno

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Podcast Transcript Hello everyone, this is Tony Limarzi on .  Right now I am very pleased to be joined by Jaime Moreno.  Jaime, you have been very sharp so far in the preseason, scoring three goals in the last two exhibition matches, how are you feeling these days?

Jaime Moreno: Good!  It's always very motivating for any forward to score goals and so far, the team in the last couple games has improved a lot.  That was our goal and I think we're going in the right direction. D.C. United recently completed a portion of the pre-season in Mexico where you beat Santos Laguna in a friendly.  It is a rare thing for DC United, or any team from the US to win a game in Mexico, what did you think of that performance?

Moreno: Oh, definitely it was an important way to start the second [part of] pre-season.  Especially playing away in Mexico, which I don't think any American team has won there.  So it was good, it was nice for the younger players to play against 30,000 fans.  It wasn't an easy game; it was another great experience- very positive like I said.  I think we got a lot of good things that will help the team. The team is now in Charleston, SC competing in the Carolina Challenge Cup against the Charleston Battery and a pair of MLS teams in Real Salt Lake and Toronto FC, is this a good way for D.C. United to honestly compare themselves to other MLS teams?

Moreno: It always helps.  You know, every game is different, but definitely I think we'll get the last couple [matches] of pre-season to figure out and start the season and start the right way.  Definitely these games will help the coach and help the team to develop and get the most of us so that we are ready for the season. I mentioned that you have been scoring some goals lately for D.C., which I know makes you very happy, over the past few seasons with Luciano Emilio on the field, it seems like there was less emphasis for you to score.  You still collected a bunch of goals and assists, but will you be maybe a little more aggressive or selfish in front of the goal this season?

Moreno: I don't think so, that's not my characteristic- being selfish.  I think that's one of my problems actually.  No, I'm going to maintain my way of thinking of the game and my way of contributing to the team.  Definitely I have to be more aggressive, trying to score more goals, but I just try to enjoy every minute and I just let things happen.  If I score goals or whatever, I always say that things happen for a reason, so if I'm doing the right thing, I guess it helps to score goals.  Like I said, I'm just doing my own thing, the same thing that most people know.  Maybe if I score more goals this year it will be something very different than other years, but I will definitely try to help the team like always- like I always have. Finally, Jaime, last season you played in 32 matches in all competitions for United, yet you only averaged 53 minutes per game.  Did your limited minutes last season help your recovery during the off season or did it maybe help you to be more prepared physically for this season?

Moreno: No, every year is different.  Definitely last year, I don't think it was the best not just for me but for the team overall- I don't think it was good.  But like I said, you can't just look on one person; you've got to look at it as a team.  But definitely I didn't feel like I contributed much with the team.  I was very disappointed.  That being said it's a new year and I can go back and think that it was just one of those years and have a chance to go back and show why I'm still here. Excellent Jaime, don't worry, the fans know exactly why you're still here.  Jaime thank you for the time, good luck against Toronto FC.