Q&A: Danny Allsopp

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Transcript Hello everyone, this is Tony Limarzi on Joining us, now, on the phone is one of D.C. United's off-season signings, Danny Allsopp. Danny, Welcome to D.C. United, thank you for taking the time to be with us, you got your first action on the field this week, how did you feel out there?

Allsopp: I felt OK. Just sort of getting used to the preseason. Now I've had a bit of training with the team so I'm starting to settle in. It was good to have half-a-game runaround. The pre-season game may not have been exactly the same level as when the league starts in about a month, what did you think of the speed of play and style of play?

Allsopp: Oh, it's fairly normal for teams in preseason to be not exactly smooth. Everyone's just find their feet again. It's going to be a lot different when we take the field for the first league match. The pace is played at a high pace, and from what I've seen on the television it an exciting style of football. So, I'm looking forward to hopefully doing my best and proving myself to the team and the fans; and doing a good job for the club. A lot of the internationals who come into Major League Soccer, typically are from Central America or maybe South America, and one of the things that those players say is the league is very physical, maybe a little more physical than they realize. Have you gotten a sense of that with your limited time with D.C. United, so far?

Allsopp: Yeah, I think I was a little bit surprised – even coming from Australia. The style of play – everyone is physically strong and a good athlete. Playing in a new team and a new league always takes a bit of time to adjust. Hopefully, I can work myself to find out how I'm going to play best tactically for the team and get used to it – you just have to adapt to that and do a good job. While you are talking about the attacking style of play, D.C. United has always had sort of an attractive style of the way that they play, how do you think that your style of play, individually, will fit in with what D.C. United is trying to do?

Allsopp: Well, I've got a lot of experience now. So, I feel that whatever style that team plays, I can adapt my game to fit into that. So, I'll work really hard and I think I do a lot of stuff that people don't often necessary realize, off the ball. I work hard, so I'm hoping that I can fit in with the team and score a few goals as well. And hopefully we'll have a successful season. I know that you are still learning about your new teammates, you haven't really been with them very long. How has that process been going? Sort of getting accustomed to your new players.

Allsopp: It's all going good. Everyone in the whole club, actually, made me feel really welcome and they all helped me out. So it's been quite easy so far. And all the players are quite good guys and everything, so I'm really looking forward to getting up to Washington and having a look around there at some stage. I'm sure there are a lot of things that are still unsettled in your personal life, with the big move and everything like that. Are you doing alright in terms of settling in and getting started in the United States?

Allsopp: Yeah, it was quite easy, really, to a come to a training camp and get to know my teammates and, you know, I'll have to do is concentrate on getting fit – there's not too much to worry about. I'm looking forward to getting back to D.C. and sorting things out. My family is back in Australia. So I want to bring over my wife and two sons as soon as I can. So I can get into it. As far as settling in, it has been good to be in a camp. You have a really good chance to get to know people in the team and all that sort of thing. Excellent. Well, Danny, once again, welcome to D.C. United, good luck getting settled in, and we will speak with you again very soon. Looking forward to open day in about a month's time.

Allsopp: Yeah so am I. Thanks a lot.