Christian Castillo chat transcript

Thanks everyone for all the messages! And thank you for always following me and my career, I hope to never disappoint you and always do the best I can.From Christian Castillo - 2:55 pm I sometimes travel to Washington DC, what do you think of the city even though you’ve only been there a short time? How is it different from El Salvador?From HACKALEX - 2:20 pm It’s a very beautiful city but I don’t enjoy the cold one bit [laughs]. But it’s nice. It will be good for my family. I hope to be here a long time and I’ve liked it, it’s a nice city.From Christian Castillo - 2:51 pm Hey Cristian CastilloDo you compare yourself to Cristiano Ronaldo?From Jessica - 2:16 pm No! I admire him as a player but I can’t compare myself to someone like him. I do try to watch him play, his style and try to imitate him but I could never compare myself to someone of his level. From Christian Castillo - 2:49 pm Hey Cristian, I wanted to know if you feel nervous or anxious before playing at the Azteca???From juan iraheta - 2:15 pm From the first moment you learn you’re going to play at the Azteca you get very nervous but at the same time you want time to pass quickly so you can play that game already and you wait for it anxiously. From Christian Castillo - 2:47 pm Hey Christian..hos are you? How have you acclimated yourself to your new team?From Erick - 2:14 pm I’m very happy to be here. From the first moment the coach welcomed me and slowly I’ve been getting used to the team. My teammates have already started playing pranks on me to help me fit in. The language barrier is a challenge but gradually I’ve been getting used to it. From Christian Castillo - 2:46 pm Cristian,Congratulations on being part of D.C. United! You deserve it! My question: How is your rehabbing going? Do you think you’ll be ready for the game against Guatemala?From Humberto Perez - 2:10 pm My injury wasn’t as bad as we first thought. With rehab my leg is a lot stronger and I don’t feel pain in my knee anymore. When I had surgery I was told the cold would make it hurt and when I moved to DC it was so cold there it did start to hurt. But I’ve been getting used to it and now I don’t feel pain. Now I’m waiting for the season to start. As for the game against Guatemala, I have to wait and see how I’m feeling and if I am 100% ready to play in that game. From Christian Castillo - 2:44 pm Do you think you’ll stay with D.C. United for a long time and do you want to win trophies with the team? From humberto - 2:08 pm Yes, I come to work hard first and foremost and to win a spot on the starting eleven because this is a very deep team. I think hard work day in and day out with show my character and talent and I hope to earn a spot. From Christian Castillo - 2:40 pm Christian what motivated you to play for D.C. United, even though you had other offers? From guillermo munoz - 2:05 pm Its history. D.C. is a big team with history in this league and I always wanted to play here. When I got that chance, to come play for a team as big as this one, I had to take advantage of it. From Christian Castillo - 2:39 pm Cristian excluding you, who is the best Salvadoran player right now? From Cesar Saravia - 2:01 pm Right now I think the player who has done the most for El Salvador outside the country is Eliseo Quintanilla.From Christian Castillo - 2:37 pm Hola Christian.What advice would you give kids who want to be a soccer star like you? From carlos - 2:04 pm I can tell them that the most important thing is school. A soccer player’s career is very short and you need to prepare yourself by studying. And working hard because if you put in the work you can do anything. Also, soccer goes hand in hand with your studies because it keeps you on a positive path and doesn’t let you stray into bad stuff like drugs. From Christian Castillo - 2:37 pm Hey Cristian, I live in Pennsylvania and I am more Salvadoran than Pupusas! When I see the National Team play I feel great emotion and I’ve cried when I’ve heard the national anthem. How do you deal with that overwhelming emotion when you’re on the field? From Juan Ramon Rivas Caceres - 12:36 pm I think it’s a beautiful thing to represent your country. It has always been my dream to play for and represent my country. When you sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium you get these chills that make you rise to the occasion and motivate you to face the challenges life brings. From Christian Castillo - 2:36 pm From San Miguel, El Salvador...what number are you going to wear Christian?From Enzo Araujo - 2:01 pm #12From Christian Castillo - 2:26 pm How do you think El Salvador will do against the US? How do you see the team? Are they prepared?From Wilson - 1:59 pm I’m hoping for a positive result for El Salvador but we know we’re facing a strong team that is getting ready for the World Cup but hopefully it’ll be a victory for the Salvadorans. From Christian Castillo - 2:26 pm What’s your biggest dream in life and in your career as a soccer player? From guillermo munoz - 1:58 pm I think throughout your life you keep getting different opportunities. I would like to play in Europe someday, a big team like Barcelona. With hard work you can do so much.From Christian Castillo - 2:24 pm I’ve been following you since you were in Alianza and I’ve seen you score a lot of goals. Which has been your favorite? From manny - 1:54 pm There’s many! The one I remember the most is the one I scored against the US with the National Team in that game we played at El Salvador.From Christian Castillo - 2:23 pm What do you expect from the Salvadoran fans in DC?From Adan - 1:49 pm The fans have shown me a lot of love here, every Salvadoran I run into tells me that they’re going to the stadium and support me. I hope to represent my country as a Salvadoran. If the stadium is packed, it will help motivate us and get three points at home.From Christian Castillo - 2:22 pm Christian, do you think the National Team will qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?From amilcar garcia - 1:42 pm Yes, I think there’s a good chance we can if we keep up the hard work and the same group. We have a solid foundation and we can definitely qualify, we were close this year. From Christian Castillo - 2:20 pm Who would you like as the National Team coach? A Salvadoran or a foreigner? From jorge Luis - 1:37 pm The truth is Carlos de los Cobos did an excellent job. He made the National Team grow. Any coach that comes will have to motivate the players and the team, doesn’t matter if he’s Salvadoran or not. From Christian Castillo - 2:19 pm How old were you when you started playing and did you join an academy? From nelson - 1:22 pm I wasn’t in any organized academy. I preferred playing street soccer, that’s where it all started for me when I was 11 years old. At 16 I started playing professionally.From Christian Castillo - 2:18 pm If you got an offer from Spain, what team would you choose, Barcelona or Real Madrid? From rolando sánchez - 1:19 pm Barcelona!From Christian Castillo - 2:17 pm How do you see your role within the team? When you were brought one, did they tell you what they wanted from you, not only for the team but within the Salvadoran community? From Sebastian - 1:19 pm I know there’s a big Salvadoran community here and for me it’s a dream come true to play for a team with so much tradition as D.C. I’m just excited to know that so many people are going to come out to RFK Stadium and support me. From Christian Castillo - 2:16 pm Christian after the short time you’ve been practicing with D.C., what are your thoughts on the team? What are the differences in the way they play in the USA and in El Salvador? From elvis - 12:50 pm The difference is that soccer here is a lot more contact, a lot more physical, while in El Salvador it’s a lot slower and more technical. Here it’s a lot of strength. From Christian Castillo - 2:14 pm My question is what is your goal and what do you want in the future? From Oneyder - 4:37 pm First and foremost to enjoy the life that God has given me. I hope to play well and take full advantage of this opportunity. From Christian Castillo - 2:13 pm Do you think in the near future there will be Salvadoran players in Europe? From eduardo - 3:48 pm Yes, I think so, nothing is impossible. Just like the National Team has grown even though our country is small, I think we will have players in the European leagues.From Christian Castillo - 2:13 pm Welcome to D.C. United! Diaz Arce and Quintanilla were great players and legends here. What do you hope to do to leave your mark on this team and in the history of D.C. United? From bk2erth - 10:02 pm That’s what I hope to do. I came to work hard and try to con tribute to this team. If things go well hopefully my name can me at the same level as Raul Diaz Arce and Eliseo Quintanilla here. From Christian Castillo - 2:11 pm How are you preparing for the new season with D.C. United? From joel ayala - 7:45 pm I’ve just been rehabbing a minor injury on my knee. Now I’m starting to train so I can be ready to paly. I’d been doing limited training for three days and just today I started training 100%. From Christian Castillo - 2:10 pm What players from the El Salvador National Team do you think could play in Major League Soccer?From Memo Ortiz - 5:30 pm I think there’s a lot, five, seven, eight, there’s a lot of players who have the talent to be playing in this league, like Manuel Salazar, Alfredo Pacheco and Alex Escobar.From Christian Castillo - 2:09 pm