Roster updates

As pre-season approaches, United fans are certainly beginning to wonder which players will make up the 2010 squad. We sat down with General Manager Dave Kasper to get some updates. 

Troy Perkins: Recently re-acquired from Norway and under contract. 
Bill Hamid: Signed from the D.C. United Academy last year and under contract. 
Milos Kocic: Under contract.
Josh Wicks: Recovering from shoulder and knee surgery and under contract. 
Avery John: Not under contract in 2010 and not in the team's plans for 2010. 
Julius James: Acquired midway through 2009 and under contract. 
David Habarugira: Not under contract and not in the team's plans for 2010. 
Lawson Vaughn: Not under contract, but will be invited to pre-season. 
Marc Burch: Under contract. 
Jordan Graye: Recently drafted UNC/DCU Academy product is not under contract, but will hope to earn a roster spot.
Dejan Jakovic: Under contract. 
Devon McTavish: Under contract. 
Bryan Namoff: Still recovering from post-concussion issues, but under contract. 
Rodney Wallace: Under contract. 
John DiRaimondo: Under contract. 
Tiyi Shipalane: Under contract. 
Christian Castillo: Salvadoran midfielder acquired on loan is under contract. 
Danny Szetela: Acquired via allocation midway through 2009 and under contract. 
Brandon Barklage: Year was cut short by ACL injury, but under contract in 2010. 
Christian Gomez: Not under contract, but still under consideration. 
Santino Quaranta: Under contract. 
Clyde Simms: The team's MVP is under contract. 
Boyzzz Khumalo: Under contract. 
Jaime Moreno: Out of contract, but in discussions to re-sign. 
Ange N'Silu: Out of contract and not in the team's plans for 2010. 
Chris Pontius: A Rookie of the Year finalist currently with the U.S. Men is under contract. 
Danny Allsopp: Recently acquired Aussie is under contract for two years. 
By my count, that's 20 players under contract for 2010 and a few others still under consideration. With additional acquisitions likely in the coming weeks, what do you make of how the team is shaping up? Where does the team need to add some depth?