Post-game quotesheet: D.C. United vs FC Dallas


On shaking up the line-up and how it worked tonight:

“I still think we showed signs of having a lot of games especially in the first half we weren’t really knocking the ball around the way we wanted to, we played a little too direct and it called for Hyndman to come into try to settle the game down and now add some soccer to it and I thought there was a lot space to expose them and we didn’t do a good enough job early. I think everyone is pretty disappointed we didn’t walk away with three”

On getting a point on the road:

“We have had a lot of points on the road so I guess we leave disappointed because this is probably the first time we’ve gotten a point on the road when we were up a man but I still give credit to the guys we were down twice and we fought our way back to get the result and in the last two road games we got four points and now we’ve got to stretch the five games at home and we need to take care of business and I feel like we are in control of our own destiny and we’ve got to take care of business at home.”


On overall feelings right now:

“We have to be positive these last five games going into this home stretch, it’s been a little tense and we fought hard tonight and I think we left two points, whenever you are up a man you hope to get a result and it was unfortunate.”

On the Open Cup loss and if it affected tonight’s game:

“No, we were happy to get back out and compete again and we move forward from here.”

On what’s missing to finish D.C.’s chances:

“I’m not sure what’s missing, I personally was a little tired at the end and we put a lot into the game and the guys who came on did well. It was one of those games where we had to fight back twice and it was a little bit of let down when we went up a man, it’s natural to feel like you are going to have possession the rest of the game, you are going to get a goal and it was unfortunate for us to not get that goal. We fought hard and we will build off of this going into the stretch at home.”


On his first goal of the year:

“I just really tried to hit it on target, the first two or three [free kicks] gave them trouble and if we had followed them up we could have had a couple of goals but I just tried to get it on target and it took a lucky deflection and it went in.”

On Sala’s trouble with long range shots and trying to get it on target:

“Definitely [tried to get it on target], the field was kind of hard and a little slick so when you hit the ball and it hit the ground you didn’t really know how it was going to take off and I think it caught him [Dario Sala] off guard a couple of times and when the ball is wet it’s hard to hold on for a goalie. If we had gotten a few more shots on target I think we could have scored a couple more.”


Overall thoughts on the game:

“It was a bit of a rollercoaster, I think, we tried to catch D.C. on a bit of a recovery day, they just played the other day in an emotional game so we came out pretty hard and scored an early goal and then Jeff had a second chance but it hit off the post, I thought that it would have been a difference maker. But you know from my point of view there were some real difficult situations with the way the game turned out.”

On being disappointed about the game:

“You know it’s disappointing for everyone except for the D.C. people, they’re as happy as can be, but it’s disappointing for everyone because I thought we did enough good things. But at the same time, it [red card] is a difference maker and I really thought that a player we haven’t talked about was David [Ferreira] and I thought that he was very good tonight, a player that really had a passion and desire to find a way to win.”


On returning to the field:

“It felt good being back out with the team but I definitely was not playing up to my standards. I’m a little disappointed with how I performed tonight, my timing was little bit off with my first game back but it’s to be expected but I definitely expect a lot better from myself.”

On his hamstring:

“Schellas and I had a conversation about it yesterday and I pretty much told him I would go as long as I could. I know my body and I’ve been dealing with these hamstrings for long enough that I know what they feel like. He [Schellas Hyndman] was watching me and I kind of gave him the signal and I was spent, my hamstrings were not feeling up to par.”

On the red card and PK call:

“I was trying to cover the runner and I didn’t know who was making the run in the box but I missed it. I know they thought he [Daniel Torres] tripped him [Santino Quaranta] but I didn’t get a really good look at it so I really can’t comment on it.”


Overall thoughts on the game:

“It felt like we lost two points and I felt like we were the better team and then we went down a man but still created some chances but it was disappointing and I thought we should have won the game quite easily.”

On being tied for 2nd on the all-time goals list:

“I wasn’t even focused on it but I’ve got to keep putting them away, the record wasn’t on my mind tonight. I feel disappointment from the game; the personal stuff was not a big factor tonight. I felt like I had enough chances to score another one it could have been a big difference tonight but it didn’t happen. I felt a little disappointed about not putting away all the chances.”

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