Champions League predictions

Tomorrow evening in Rome, Manchester United and FC Barcelona will play in argubaly the biggest soccer game of the year when they face-off in the Champions League final. With the likes of Barcelona's Messi, Eto'o, Henry and Iniesta squaring off against Man U's Ronaldo, Rooney and Giggs, it's sure to be a memorable battle. 

Since every player on the team will be tuning in to ESPN tomorrow at 2:30 to watch the game, we got some of their predicitions and thoughts on the match. Who do you most agree with? Or do you have a prediction of your own? Drop it in the comments below. 

Player:  Winner, score (goal-scorers)
Fred: Man U, 2-0 (Ronaldo 2)
Emilio: Man U, 1-0 (Giggs)
Simms: Man U, 3-1 (Ronaldo 2, Rooney; Eto'o)
Barklage: Barca 3-2 - "Because Barcelona is just better"
Crayton: Barca, 2-1 (Eto'o, Messi; Ronaldo) - "Eto'o is my boy. He's the best striker in the world."
John: Barca, 2-1 (Messi, Eto'o; Ronaldo)
Kocic: Barca, 1-0 (Iniesta) 
Namoff: Barca, 1-1 on penalties (Iniesta; Rooney)
Moreno: Barca, 2-1 
Quaranta: Man U, 4-2 (Vidic, Rooney, Giggs, Ronaldo; Eto'o, Iniesta)
As Jaime and Santino made their picks, they had a heated conversation about the match-up:
Moreno: "Barcelona just plays better soccer.  Their posession is much better."
Quaranta: "It's a big field and Man U's attacking four is sick. We're going to see at least six goals."
Moreno: "Oh, an English team will play open? They're going to forget defense and just go forward? When has an English team ever done that?"
Quaranta:  "You'll see - six goals. Man U wins."
(Ed. note: Santino is crazy)
Jacobson: Barca, 2-0
Jakovic: Man U, 2-1 (Ronaldo, Rooney; Messi)
DiRaimondo: Man U, 2-1 (Ronaldo, Vidic; Eto'o)
Janicki: Man U, 3-2
Khumalo: Barca, 3-0 (Eto'o Henry, Iniesta) "I like Barcelona. They let the ball do the work. I don't like the long ball and Ronaldo running around like a chicken with his head cut off." (Ed. note:  Boyzzz might be the biggest Barca fan in the locker room)
N'Silu: Barca, 2-1
Wallace: Barca 1-0 (Henry)
Peters: Man U, 2-1 (Rooney, Giggs; Eto'o)
Burch: Man U, 6-0 (Ronaldo 4, Berbatov, Rooney) "I don't give a crap." (Ed. note: He really doesn't)
McTavish: Barca, 2-1 in OT (Ronaldo PK; Iniesta, Carrick own goal) "Cristiano will score on a penalty in the first half, Iniesta will tie it up in the second and then off a corner kick the ball will deflect off Carrick's shin for the own goal winner." (Ed. note: How's THAT for a prediction?)
Pontius: Man U, 2-1 (Ronaldo, Tevez; Messi)
Wicks: Barca, 4-2 (Messi 2, Eto'o, Iniesta; Ronaldo, Vidic)
A few others weighed in, as well:
President Kevin Payne: Barca, 3-2 (Messi 2, Eto'o; Rooney, Carrick)
General Manager Dave Kasper: Barca, 3-2 (Ed. note:  DK originally picked Man U 3-2, but changed his predicition at the last minute.)
Head Coach Tom Soehn: Barca 2-1 - "Goal-scorers don't matter when you win"
Assistant Coach Mark Simpson: Man U, 1-1 on penalties (Ronaldo; Messi) "It's going to be tight and go to penalties"
Assistant Coach Chad Ashton: Man U, 2-1
Athletic Trainer Brian Goodstein: Man U, 2-1 (Tevez, Ronaldo; Messi)
Equipment Manger David Brauzer: 3-2, Man U (Ed. note:  This was his predicition after originally going with 0-0 and 16-15 to Man U on penalties).'s Charlie Boehm: Barca, 2-1 (Eto'o, Iniesta; Ronaldo)
Totaling the winners up, 16 picked Barcelona, while 14 people picked Manchester United.  Who are you picking?