Twitter giveaway!


We're working our way towards 1,000 twitter followers.  I've heard stories about people giving away a prize for their 1,000th follower, so we've nabbed something nice to give away - an autographed Luciano Emilio mini ball.  

To make it fair to everyone who has joined us on twitter so far, we're going to select one person from our first 1,000 followers to win the ball.  In other words, as of 3:31 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 30, we are just 29 followers away from 1,000.  Which means you have to be one of the next 29 in order to be eligble to win the prize.  Get following

P.S.  The only reason this prize exists is because Luci accidentally signed a big ol' box of balls that were meeant to be signed by Ben Olsen only.  Oops.  His mistake is your gain (maybe). 

Luciano Emilio fun fact:  The Brazilian forward has 35 goals in 62 career MLS games.  That's pretty good.