Quotesheet: D.C. United vs. FC Dallas




On playing the younger players

For me, it wasn’t really a chance to look at [the younger players] because we see them every day. I’ve said from the beginning that we have a deep team and it was fun to get them on the field and let them show what they’re about and their character, their quality, and why we brought some of them here.

On Brandon Barklage

Brandon [Barklage] consistently is one of the better shots on the team, and I thought today he was very feisty in that spot, he covered a lot of ground. Late in the first half he started to do too much, and kind of lost his shape, and we talked about it and I thought he did a really good job in the second half. Brandon’s not fazed by much. You can’t tell if it’s a game or a practice, he just comes to play every day.

On Milos Kocic

Milos [Kocic] did a good job. He came out for a couple of balls that I thought he could’ve punched a little bit better but overall I thought he did a pretty good job. He’s pretty courageous in the box, you’ll see that. He likes to come out for balls and he manages the box well. For his first game, where there was something to lose, he did a good job.

On Santino Quaranta playing up top

Back in the day when Tino [Quaranta] came out, which was a long time ago, when he was still a young kid, that’s where he played. He did a really good job. He was very mobile; his touch was really good today. It was important to push some of his minutes so we can get through this hamstring stuff. I thought he had a really good day, very energetic and caused them a lot of havoc.

On the offense’s quality

I think in the past two games, we’ve created chances. We created almost twenty shots today, and during that last game [against the NE Revolution] too. It’s still about how we build up and how we expose teams, and I think on every game we play we’re hoping to increase that. But it’s great to have competition, and you can see these guys – a lot of them haven’t played 90 minutes – but they handled it pretty well because they train and push each other very hard during the week so that when they get their chance it doesn’t drop off. It’s been pretty consistent from everybody.

On Jaime Moreno

For Jaime [Moreno] it was just about getting him a little bit of work, and you have to be careful not to push too many guys, and for him it’s always good to bring him in and hold the ball, and kill off the game, which not too many people do as well as he does.

On Greg Janicki

[Janicki] did well. One thing about Greg is that he’s a gamer. He doesn’t always show the best in training, but when he straps on the boots for a game, you know what he’s about. He’s a tough defender. The penalty called on him, it was just a little indecision as far as, if you don’t hear your keeper, play it out, but he’s still young and that’s a great learning lesson for him. Overall, he was really solid for his first big day back.

On the team

I’ve said from the beginning, we have a very deep team, it’s probably one of the deepest teams I’ve coached. I have confidence in them, because they show me every day.


On his goal

It was a good play between Chris [Pontius] and Santino [Quaranta], a give and go. I saw that [Pontius] had the ball so I sprinted towards the goal, and he was able to give me the ball and all I had to do was finish the play.

On being back on the field after his injury

I’m very happy to not only score the goal but to get to play. It’s been awhile since I’ve played and I feel very good tonight.

On teaming up with Quaranta and Pontius

This week we trained together and we talked amongst the three of us that the good communication on the field would pay off and it did tonight – hopefully we can continue to play this way.


On the team’s play tonight

Our defense played great – especially our midfield. Everybody played defense well. Our attack, we finished our chances that we had which is good to see. We were working well as a team.

On his debut

I was a little bit fired up at the beginning of the game. I wanted to go for every cross. We have three very good goalkeepers in the team and you’ve got to grab a chance whenever you have one. I tried to do my best – I was not nervous, just fired up.

On celebrating on Barklage’s goal

I was happy for [Braklage]. We’re fighting for positions – it’s tough because everybody wants to play and can play. So that’s great for him to stand out.


On the game

I thought it was a good performance with Chris [Pontius]. We brought a lot of energy to the game, we made it predictable for our backs and I know it makes it easier on them. For me, it starts up top with the amount of pressure you put into the game makes it easier for the guy behind you.

On playing with Chris Pontius

I’m just trying to make plays, and I like playing with [Pontius] a lot. Going into this game I talked to him before and told him: ‘listen, let’s bring a lot of energy into this game’. I thought we had a lot of legs out there tonight and it showed. It didn’t really feel like we played with a whole lot of young guys.

On getting the start

It was good to get out there and run. I felt better in the second half. It was good, I was happy.

On coming back from injury

I’ve done a lot of work to be back. I feel great again, and it’s been four weeks since I’ve came back. I didn’t know it would take this long, but it does.


On the team’s depth

Every player that is on this team believes they can start for this team. Everyone has confidence, everyone is playing confident in practice. There’s really not a big drop in the 24 players. It’s really important going through a long season that everyone’s on the same page.

On just missing getting a goal

I just need one of them to go in. Once I get one I just think I can get some more. I don’t know what I have to do – every one of them goes a little bit to the left.

On learning from his European experience

I really learned how to adjust tactically and be confident when you’re not being a starter. That’s something that was ingrained in me when I was in France.


On his goal

I saw we had a lot of space in the middle so I took the space. One hundred percent goes to Santino [Quaranta] on that ball. He placed it perfectly – I saw the defender wasn’t stepping and decided to take a rip. Fortunately it found the far corner.

On practicing before tonight’s game

In practice we played some guys in different spots. We knew our five most important guys were probably going to be sitting. They’ve been playing me in the attacking mid spot – that’s where I’ve been practicing the past week.

On his reaction after scoring

I felt like I was in lala land. It took me awhile to get back in the game – my mind was somewhere else. It definitely felt good.


On whether it was a fair result

Yeah I think it was a fair result, you never want to lose as a player and you don’t want to lose as a coach, but I think we didn’t create enough scoring chances, while they kept alive a good combination in the first goal and the second goal was a counter attack, so yeah I think it was a fair result.

On the playing young guys

Yeah it was Sanchez’s and Peri [Marosevic]’s first game. We thought this would be a good game to start them, because you know playing in the MLS is so hard to get inexperience players out there, so in that way we got some things done, but it wasn’t one of our better performances and that could be because we had a lot of changes in our lineup, but so did [D.C. United], so we could have done better.


On first start

It was an amazing feeling, to be starting. I’ve been working hard in practice and just doing everything I can, you know. I did some things in practice to catch the coach’s eye but it’s tough though, it’s a loss – not what you want in the first start but those kind of things happen. But it was definitely a great experience for me and hopefully it keeps continuing.

On his performance

I did ok; I wouldn’t completely say I did the best. At times I should have kept the ball more but in certain moments we were pretty good. I was able to move the ball, my movement at times was pretty good, but again there is always improvement, just like for any player there is always room for improvement, you know, like things I should have done well. Obviously I should have kept the ball more on target but from this game you move on.

On the game

[D.C. United] did move the ball pretty well. All we had to do was to position ourselves, that’s the most important part, the team movement off the ball is important. You have to work on your positioning, get behind the ball as quick as possible, try to keep them in front of you. At times we got caught, but just like I said earlier, you know, we learn from our mistakes, watch the video and we’ll analyze it, but yeah definitely positioning is something I need to work on, make sure I get behind the ball.


On starting

I feel a lot more comfortable, I feel like the guys have been helping me a lot, the veterans, and just the way I feel comfortable coming on the field and touching the ball with these guys, now I know what the game is and what to expect.

On what he brings to the team

I like to attack, I like going one on one with people and if I get the opportunity I know what I want to do.

On playing against college buddy Chris Pontius

That was great, it’s great playing [against him]. [Pontius] is doing well which is good, and you know it’s fun to play with someone you know, exchange some words during the game. I told him I was going to meg him but he never came to my side.

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