United-Revolution post-game quote sheet




On the game

You leave this game very frustrated because, I thought, especially the first half, they were ripe for the picking. And I don’t think we did a good enough job of managing the space and hitting the weak side, and causing them more trouble. We obviously generated chances, but the first half was there for the taking I don’t think we did a very good job of managing it. And then we let in a goal, and we were chasing the game. And, you know how it is when you’re pressuring yourself, and thankfully Ben [Olsen] got on the end of something, but overall, I’m disappointed because we had plenty of opportunities to take away three points and we let it slip today.

On the second half substitutions

The second sub I did at half time, Clyde [Simms] didn’t do a good enough job of communicating. He came over when we were about to start the second half and he says ‘I’m not feeling well’, and so, I would have never done the first sub. He put us in a little bit of a bad spot, so we made two subs at halftime, and when we’re in the locker room we’ve got a lot of time to figure this stuff out, so you know, let me know right then so we can adjust.

On Andrew Jacobson

He came on at halftime, I didn’t think we had enough guys enforcing the game and he came in and did a great job. He put a stamp on the game, he made some physical plays when he needed to, and broke up a lot of plays in the middle. For two games now, he’s done a good job of that.

On positives of the match

I guess the real positive of today is that we’ve been losing goals at the end of games, and today we came back. I have always said that we’re a young team, I’m not saying that anymore. We’ve got enough games now that we need to start showing some maturity. Sticking in there and getting a goal back is a positive, but I still feel like we gave away two points today. And you know how the season goes, you don’t want to look back and say ‘I wish I had those two points’, because today we should’ve had them.

On Ben Olsen

He took a big knock on Monday. We left him home to rest him, and he was hungry to get back on the field and he took a knock and we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to do it tonight. But he stuck through and in the end he scored a point. Not many guys are going to do that. But that’s Benny.


On the game

It was match we should have win because of all the chances we had. Now we have to think about next game and know that we can’t keep missing these goal chances.

On his 100th assist

I would have preferred to score that goal I missed but these are numbers that matter and it’s the work of 13, 14 years. I keep working and I hope I can continue to help D.C.

On how he felt towards the end

Physically fine. I just started to cramp so that didn’t hel me at all, not being able to contribute 100% to the team but I’m going to keep working on that aspect to get better.

On Ben Olsen’s goal

It was a good goal and thanks to it we at least got a point, because honestly it would have been terrible to lose at home. But like I said, lots of looks at goal, lots of goal chances that we missed out on so hopefully next game that won’t happen.


On the game

We had enough chances – you can’t get that many chances at home and not finish the game off. It’s just giving away points again. I looked at the clock and it was already 88 minutes and we were still a goal down. We didn’t deserve to be there, but Benny [Olsen] fought back and did what he does best.

On the missed opportunities

It seemed like we had some pretty easy chances to score, and that’s how this game is funny. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.

On the changes made before the second half

I don’t think we figured it out; we weren’t getting the ball in the right spots. [Tom Soehn]’s the coach and I thought with the changes he made, we did well. We still should win that game.

On Olsen’s play tonight

Benny’s a fighter and we feed off what he does. When Benny works like that the rest of the guys see it and battle with him. It’s just Benny being Benny.


On the result tonight

It’s unfortunate with the result we had today. We should have won this game today; we had every opportunity to have buried this game today. They did absolutely nothing but sit back defending. I think we should have done a better job today.

On the conceded goal

[Joseph] out-jumped the defenders that were on him. I shouted out to them to be aware that he was coming. Unfortunately he jumped in and headed the ball past me. I got a hand on it but was wrong footed.

On staying on his line

At the time I decided to stay on my line because I had two of my players before me and it was an early cross and there was no way I could have come out of the goal. The cross was too quick to come out of the goal.


On the game

The back post was a little bit open throughout the game. It was a good ball – came back post and I was lucky to sneak in there somehow. It’s tie, it ends up still being disappointing. With the way we played, especially in the first half, we could get more out of that game.

On his battle with Wells Thompson

He’s a good kid. It’s New England-D.C. - I figured I’d try to start a fight with him to get things moving. It’s a heated game. He’s a competitor – there are no hard feelings.

On falling behind

It’s tough and I think you saw it there for a couple minutes afterwards. It took us awhile to get back from that. That’s who they are. They sneak goals – you can’t turn off for one play against that team.


On missing several chances

Sometimes you’re going to have these days when these things aren’t going your way. It’s one of those games were you can outshoot them 20-4 and they can come away with the win. They put the ball away first which gave them a little momentum too. We didn’t finish our chances, especially me.

On Ben Olsen’s presence on the field

I feel like especially me being a rookie, when Ben’s out there I’m a lot more calm. I know he’s going to do his thing in the middle of the field; he going to get our team going. He settles everyone down, he directs all of us. He does a great job of that which takes a lot of pressure off of us.

On New England’s tactical approach

They sat back tonight. They came in here playing for a tie, just waiting for their counter attack. They got their goal off the counter attack, but I think if we had put our chances away it could be 4 or 5-1.


On conceding in the last minute

It’s always tough, giving a goal in the last minute – kind of feels like a loss at the moment, but at the end of the day it’s a good result.

On the importance of the tie

We defended quite well, we tied half of it because of their play, and half of it because of us not keeping the ball as well as we could have, but we defended great, there were times where they should have scored.

On United’s goal

I don’t think it’s a great call on the free kick. Fred was on his way down and the referee couldn’t wait to give it. I was sixty yards way and I could see him going down. It’s disappointing.


About playing with the injury

It was a game time decision. I felt pretty poorly for about a week now, kind of went through the MRI and X ray and all that stuff and I didn’t train all week. I got the results of the MRI back today and it said that there was no tear so since I knew what it was I was able to feel a little piece of mine to play.

On getting prepared to play

I worked a lot in the last day and a half to make sure I was loose and stretched and warm.

On having to play at United

Those guys, when they’re at home and they’re healthy, they like to pass the ball. The job for me and Shalrie [Joseph] is exceptionally difficult because not only do they overload in there but they are talented on the ball. It’s tough. I thought we did pretty well up until the end – whether it was a foul or not I don’t know – but they scored a goal.

On the feeling of a tie

If we’re down 1-0 and score that goal we feel great. Like I said, they’re a good team, they had a ton of chances. It would have felt better if the goal didn’t come on something questionable like that, but they scored it and I don’t know if they deserved that goal but they deserved one.

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