MLS game #3: DCU vs. Houston Dynamo

You may recall how difficult it was to get in last year's home game against the Houston Dynamo.  The original game on June 4 was postponed in the 16th minute after severe weather made the field unplayable.  The game was rescheduled for July 22, but power outages throughout the day forced the game to be pushed back until the next day.  Then, finally on July 23, the game was played - but, not before a three-hour rain/power outage delay.  You can read all about that crazy evening here.  

Suffice to say, no one wants to see a repeat of last year tonight.  The forecast is clear and power hasn't been a problem at RFK of late...  Just be sure to come early, as there are a ton of events in the city tonight and the Metro and roadways will be busy.

Here are the articles you should be reading before you head out to tailgate:

Both United and the Dynamo are looking for their first win of the season tonight.  What say you?  Drop a prediction in the comments section and you may very well win two tickets to an upcoming home game.

Did I miss anything?