Tom Soehn post-game quotes

On the game:
We still have a few things to work on – I thought our spacing wasn’t great in the first half.  Combining, we weren’t patient enough as far as keeping the ball and making them work.  We did it towards the end of the first half and in the second half we did a little bit better. 
On Luciano Emilio:
Second half, we talked a little bit about what his role needed to be – he needed to work a little harder finding the spaces for second balls and checking into those gaps and he started to that and he probably got twice as many touches as he did in the first half.
On tonight’s lineup and formation:
We took some injuries in the first game, so we were trying out different people to make sure we knew what our approach was going to be.  We learned a lot, but we still have some things to figure out.
On his concerns coming out of the pre-season:
I think the one thing, especially losing a couple veteran guys now that first game, is that we’re pretty young.  We’re going to have good energy, but we’ll probably make some young mistakes.  Through this tournament we made some young mistakes, but they learned form them – especially our backs.  I thought the backs performance tonight was much better and they need to grow together as a unit by playing.
On the 3-5-2 formation:
We’ve been trying different things. I think the ability to do different things for different teams in different situation is always important.