Post-game quotes: Tom Soehn

Here's what Head Coach Tom Soehn had to say after tonight's 2-1 loss to Toronto...

"We're still trying different things out and in the first half they just outworked us and out-competed us and it showed all over the field.  I think we had about ten minutes where we came out and after that it was all about them.  Again, we're still trying different pieces and making sure we understand what works best together and the second half we came out with some life.  We moved things around a bit and it was a different game." 

"I think you use everything as a learning experience. There's always a positive.  In the first half you learn what you did wrong and you get a good example of what you need to do to be successful.  In the second half I thought we did a lot of that, so there's learning lessons in everything. "