D.C. United needs your support - act now!


Dear D.C. United supporter,  

We need your help!  Several groups who oppose our stadium are bombarding Maryland state and county legislators with e-mails and letters asking them to block our proposed new stadium. 

Perhaps the up-beat news conference several weeks ago caused our supporters to think this was a done deal -- but nothing could be further from the truth. 

It's time for you to weigh in strongly and let them know of your support for our stadium plans!

It doesn't matter where you live -- if you support us and want to see us in the type of stadium our club and our fans deserve, you need to take action now!!!  If you live in Maryland, let them know, but, regardless, your support will make all the difference. 

The most important to contact at this time are the members of the House of Delegates Committee on Budget and Appropriations, which will hold a hearing on our bill next Tuesday, and the Senate Tax and Finance Committee, which will also hold a hearing next week on the bill.  (Click here for a list.)

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this.  We have to let the lawmakers know that we want the stadium, and we'll fill it up once it's built.  A failure in this effort could have far-reaching effects -- the bottom line is we cannot remain long-term in RFK, and this is the only stadium option, which is available to us now. 

Don't take anything for granted.  Call or e-mail today, if you care about your team! 

Kevin Payne
President, D.C. United