Behind the Badge fantasy challenge

Today, Major League Soccer announced registration is open for the 2009 edition of the MLS Fantasy Challenge.  If you're into winning sweet prizes, I've created a League for those of you that follow us here.

Joining is simple:

1. Click here 
2. Register
3. Search for League name: Behind The Badge
4. Select your team before 11:30 a.m. ET on March 21

If you happen to be one of the best managers at the end of the season, you could win big.  Prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers:

First place:  Four tickets to D.C. United's 2010 home-opener, a ball autographed by the entire 2009 squad and a personalized ringtone from your favorite United player (yes, that's right - you could have Luciano Emilio saying "I'm Luciano Emilio and someone is trying to call you!  Pick up!"

Second place:  Two tickets to D.C. United's 2010 home-opener and an autographed player card from the player of your choice.

Third place:  Two tickets to D.C. United's 2010 home-opener. 

Think you can beat me?  Doubt it.