Q&A: Santino Quaranta


The team is back in D.C. for about a week between pre-season trips.  Most recently, the guys were in Puerto Rico and on Thursday the team heads to Charleston, SC to participate in the Carolina Challenge Cup - along with Toronto FC, Real Salt lake and the USL-1 Charleston Battery.  We caught up Santino Quaranta to get his thoughts on pre-season so far and how the team is coming along.  

BTB: How’s the pre-season going so far?
“It’s been fun. It’s been probably one of the better pre-seasons I’ve had, personally. It’s been week on, week off traveling-wise, so for our families it’s been pretty good and business-wise it’s going pretty well. Tommy [Soehn] has been phenomenal this year. It’s been one of the best United pre-seasons I’ve been with in a while, so everybody’s pretty prepared.”
BTB: How was the trip down to Puerto Rico?
“It was great. I’m pretty familiar because my dad’s girlfriend is from Puerto Rico, and so he’s been down a bunch of times, and I’ve been down there before. They were really welcoming too, you know, the Islanders, the people down there. It was a great trip.”
BTB: How is the team shaping up?
“Good, it’s really competitive. I think we’re one or two people away from being a legitimate contender. I feel like there’s a balance between the veterans and, you know, the young guys, it’s a good mixture. Everybody’s pretty close, there’s no animosity at all so that’s good. Everyone’s getting fit and excited to start the season.”
BTB: What’s everyone’s outlook for the season?
“We’re looking forward to it. It was disappointing at the end of last year to not be able to make the playoffs; we don’t want to start off poorly like we have the last couple of years. It’s disappointing when you don’t make the play-offs and you want to get right back at it. It’s been a pretty long off-season, so we’re looking forward to starting at LA and going from there.”