Bradenton: Day 4


Day four is almost in the books.  This morning's session saw the team participate in one of its favorite workouts - a small sided scrimmage on a field a little bigger than half the full field.  Coach Soehn puts together three teams of eight players each and they play 10 minute games, with the winning team staying on the field.  If you looked at our Flickr account earlier today, you might have seen a photo of Bryan Namoff and Santino Quaranta who were showing off their blue pennies as the winning side. 

After lunch, I wandered into Marc Burch and Clyde Simms' room and came across one of the go-to activities for guys while here in Bradenton - Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii.  The battles were heated, as you can imagine.  Without giving too much away - as I think this topic is worthy of a full-on post - I'll tell you that there is a trophy, modeled after the Stanley Cup.  Any guesses as to which player is the Mario Kart champ?  More on this soon. 

This afternoon's session was short - a simple 12-minute run for the guys and a stretch, just to get the legs moving.  Tomorrow, they'll go back at it hard with a morning session. 

Just a couple of photos added to Flickr

Oh, and yes, rookies have to do a lot of the grunt work during pre-season.