Q&A: Rodney Wallace & Chris Pontius

Here's the promised Q&A with both of United's first round draft picks.  Rodney had to split for the airport after all of his interviews to catch a flight back to Maryland, while Chris is still taking in the draft sporting his United scarf and hat. 
D.C. United sixth overall pick Rodney Wallace
BTB:  What was it like hearing your named called?
A:  It was a bit of a rush – I was excited.  I’ve been watching D.C. United for a long time, since I’m a hometown guy and finally the dream has come true.  I’m just very honored that D.C. United picked me and I’m excited to play.
BTB:  What will you contribute to the team?
A:  I’m most comfortable on the left side – left back, left mid.  I feel like I can contribute in many ways – I’m ready to do whatever it takes to win.
BTB:  What do you know about your new teammate, Chris?
A:  Chris and I just played at the combine, actually – we were on the same team.  He’s a great competitor, a great player.  He can find the goal at any point – actually, he scored a sick goal at the combine – so, I’m excited to play with him again, he’s a special player.
BTB:  You played a bit with United players over the last weeks – how beneficial was that for you?
A:  It’s always good to play with those guys – Ben Olsen, [Marc] Burch, [Santino] Quaranta, and others.  It was casual, we just played pickup, but it was good to look at them and hope I would get drafted by them and, finally, I did.

D.C. United seventh overall pick Chris Pontius
BTB:  What was going through your head when you were drafted?
A:  It’s all the hard work you’ve put in – you know, 21 years for me – paying off.  Obviously going to college was one of the payoffs, but this is like a dream come true.  You know every kid grows up wanting to play professionally and looking up to the players in MLS and I’m going to be playing against the best of the best now – It still hasn’t hit me fully.  I was shaking at first and I know my parents are excited.  I can’t even explain it – I’m dumbfounded.  I’m almost speechless.
BTB:  What do you know about D.C. United?
A:  I know it’s a team that has a lot of history behind it and I know they’ve had a bit of a Latin tradition – I know they like to touch the ball a lot and knock it around and I think I’ll fit in great.  I’m just looking forward to joining the club and going to pre-season.  The coaching staff – I hear nothing but good things about them and it should be a good first year for me.
BTB:  What will you bring to the team and what kind of player are you?
A:  I’m a very versatile player and that’s the best thing that I offer to a team – I can play both midfield and forward and even in the back if they need me to.  I’m not picky about where I play, I won’t complain a lot.  I give it my all every training session, every game.  That’s something they can expect from me.  I’m just so excited.