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Is your neck cold?  It might be, because - as you probably know - we're now into December.  In many parts of the world, December is considered to be Winter.  During Winter, it is often cold.  So cold that a bare neck could lead to pnuemonia within minutes of going outside.  

Solution for bare-neck pneumonia*?  

The new offer from - a set of three D.C. United scarves at 40% off the retail price.  You get a set of three exclusive and awesome DCU scarves for the low, low price of $36 (If you're not good at math, they would normally retail at $60).

If your neck is really, really cold, wrap all three around at once!  Or, you could help save a friend from bare-neck pneumonia by giving one as a gift.  These babies also make incredible stocking stuffers for the United fan in your family.

Bare-neck pneumonia - just say no (by buying the 3-pack). 








*Bare-neck pneumonia is completely made up.