Prank you very much

On Monday, we showed you the video that asked the players who the best prankster on the team was.  Today, we bring you one of the best pranks of 2008 - in photo essay form.  Though numerous players play pranks on their teammates throughout the course of a season, this year, a particular prank war developed between Marc Burch and Santino Quaranta.  Why?  We're not sure.  By all accounts they like each other - maybe it's just their way of expressing their mutual admiration.  Who can tell?

After back-and-forth pranks throughout the year, the photos after the jump show what was done to Mr. Quaranta's car during one of the final weeks of the season. 

They very early stages of wrapping Santino's car in 1,000 feet of saran wrap.


The heavy duty wrapping begins... 


They made sure to pay particular attention to the rear view mirrors. 


Almost done... 


And, though Ben Olsen was not involved in the actual wrapping of the car, he put the finishing touch on the prank by including a thank you note from Ben and his wife. 


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