Represent on the road


Would you call yourself one of the biggest D.C. United fans out there?  Do you bleed Black-and-Red?  Do you go to RFK Stadium more often than you go to the grocery store?  Do you know every player's middle name and their favorite movie (if you do, that's a little creepy)?

Well, if you are one of the biggest fans out there, you need this - the D.C. United license plate, available in both Virgina and Maryland.  I won't bother you with the details here, but if this is something you're interested in follow the links below for your state:

Combine one of those license plates with a sick United-related personalization and you're ready for the Lot 8 tailgate like never before.  Who's got a good one?  12TRPHS?  4 CUPS?  BOO NY?  Drop your best personalized license plate - six characters only! - ideas in the comments.  Our favorite will win an autographed player card (of your choosing!).